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A small detachable battery pack and emitter in the base of this mug allow you to control tiny oscillations within the container causing the surface of the liquid to create standing wave nodes at certain frequencies so that geometric shapes form in the carbonated bubbles breaking the surface or the foam and chocolate sprinkles on your latte.


       Shaken, not stirred. +
xenzag, Feb 13 2019

       // standing waves //   

       Will this work when you're sitting down, too ?
8th of 7, Feb 13 2019

       No - if you're sitting down, and wave at someone on the other side of a crowded room, the chances are that they won't see you. That's why they're called standing waves.
hippo, Feb 13 2019

       If I had posted this while I was in Cancun it could have been a standing Mexican wave.   


       White beaches just aren't the same here.
Whiter sure, but... my poor toes.

wjt, Feb 16 2019


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