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Coupled Cups Cup

drink, drink and be merry
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Take a small cup or glass, perfect for espresso or schnapps, and a large one, good for tea, latte or chaser, and join them at the sides, one upside down, with or without a gap. The big container becomes a handle (like holding a glass) for the demitasse and vice versa.

Filling them both is not recommended.

FarmerJohn, Jan 24 2005

sketch http://www.geocitie...ie/coupledcup.html?
[FarmerJohn, Jan 24 2005]


       flip n' drip
dentworth, Jan 25 2005

       Elegent lines on this. Beautiful. [+]
Klaatu, Jan 25 2005

       [Lifts device to eyes, tries to see through it.] "Is this thing on?"
jutta, Jan 25 2005

       We may have been soaked to the bottom of the fifth, but through these goggles the bags look loaded.   

       Tweak the design so they'll stack and you may have something [FarmerJohn].
reensure, Jan 25 2005

       Why do the cups face opposite directions?
tiromancer, Jan 26 2005

       Maybe so that they can both be wide at the lip, and still be close together?
robinism, Jan 26 2005


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