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Choose Your Dashboard Wisely

drives Jaguar, but keeps checking slurry tank reading
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Sometimes you have to get a replacement car, but really miss the layout, function and appearance of your old dashboard, but not any longer.

When you buy a car from "Choose Your Dashboard Wisely" you get to select your own dashboard from our huge range of options. Fancy the simplicity of a Trabant inside your new BMW whatever? - not a problem. Or how about a Ferarri dash inside that little second hand Fait 500 now that your banker's bonus has hit the skids?

Our speciality is East European farming equipment. We have a lot of these in stock and can offer their robust switches, stubby levers and thickly glassed analogue dials to any modern vehicle. Trapped cobwebs, populated by dead spiders husks and sawdust, are always left undisturbed by our authenticity obsessed technicians.

(note we cannot match the performance suggested by any gauge to that of vehicle's actual capability)

xenzag, Mar 26 2010

Seat for Max's new car http://www.keynamic...ed-Tractor-Seat.jpg
[xenzag, Mar 27 2010]

Obscured by Condensation Dials http://gallery.phot...hoto/4478915-lg.jpg
Just added to our range. "honest officer, I just couldn't see the speedometer needle" Note vice grips used to turn on headlamps - (that costs extra) [xenzag, Jun 04 2012]


       ..but select the vehicle with capriciousness?
afinehowdoyoudo, Mar 26 2010

       I'll take a Ford Clitoris with the dashboard from a Massey- Ferguson Dutch Ho
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 27 2010

       You have chosen wisely. Would you like a metal seat with holes in it to match? (see link)
xenzag, Mar 27 2010

       What you have linked seems to be the rear spoiler from a Lamborghini Flatus.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 27 2010

       If this were merely //Ferarri dash inside that little second hand Fait// I'd not bun it, but //Trabant inside your new BMW// is better and //East European farming equipment// can fairly be described as "brilliant."
mouseposture, Mar 28 2010


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