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Choose a God ball

Let divine intervention choose your religion
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It is like a magic 8-ball but not. Instead of the various answers to questions it has the names of many different varieties of Gods on it. This would only apply to those religions that believe that there is some higher power guiding us. Otherwise you're on your own. You shake the ball, and whichever God name appears is the one that you worship. If there really is an omnipotent being, then he will use divine providence to show you the correct deity to worship.

There is a liability clause involved. If you should unfortunately pass on and find that you had chosen the wrong God, you could blame this deity for not telling you which God to worship when you had a chance.

hidden truths, Jun 23 2005

Godgle Just go here and click the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button. [phundug, Jun 23 2005]


       It'd have to be a fairly large ball to be comprehensive; there are a stack of Hindu gods alone.   

       You could have a "Religion Ball" to cut numbers down, but there are many religions also... maybe you could buy different balls for different categories, eg. "Jealous gods from monotheistic traditions", etc.
Adze, Jun 23 2005

       I think religions are for people who need an explanation for the origin of the universe/ their own existance and are not creative enough to come up with their own theories.   

       It's all dogma, after all.   

       If divine intervention is to determina people's beliefs, don't you think it has already chosen such people to be agnostics?
Pericles, Jun 23 2005

       Careful with those generalisations, [Pericles]. I've met smart and silly people of all persuasions.
Adze, Jun 23 2005

       Well UnaBubba, you can become a Cat-tholic
DesertFox, Jun 23 2005

       Today, I will be mostly worshipping Shiva.
st3f, Jun 23 2005

       "You seem to be uncommitted - please shake again."
angel, Jun 23 2005

       I thought this was going to be some global sporting event to determine which religion was the correct one.
Detly, Jun 23 2005

       I think this might be more useful for polytheists, in choosing which god to worship today.
moomintroll, Jun 23 2005

       Different gods for different events - while spearfishing, ocean gods get my prayers.
normzone, Jun 23 2005

daseva, Jun 23 2005

       //Godgle Just go here and click the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button. [phundug, flag, Jun 23 2005] //   

       I will be worshiping "Chaos" today. Thank you for the excellent suggestion.
ato_de, Jun 23 2005

       Great idea, though I think a "The Price is Right" weel would be far more dramatic. Then I would be free to worship the One True God; Bob Barker.
The Jolly Misanthrope, Jun 23 2005

       the President, of age,, used to be an 'alcoholic', the playfull Arab's folk's tears down a NY building, several bankers goes into receivership, a few dies,   

       Where is the Sense of Direction ??.   

sirau, Jul 09 2011


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