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Christmas Crackers for dogs

Exactly what it says on the box
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It is already possible to purchase "christmas crackers" for dogs.

Unfortunately, these are not analagous to the christmas crackers enjoyed by humans. They are merely a christmas-cracker shaped container for a few cheap treats (not that dogs care that much).

However, BorgCo can now offer a REAL Christmas Cracker for dogs, so that they can truly join in the family fun round the dining table.

One end of the cracker is a conventional cardboard tube; the other is a sturdy loop of thick, food-safe plastic of a size suitable for the canine involved.

The human proffers the loop to the dog; since most dogs love playing "tug" games, they will soon pull the cracker apart.

On sepration, the cracker releases -

A selection of tasty dog treats. A cheerfully-coloured dog-sized party hat. A non-humorous motto on a piece of meat-flavoured rice paper.

In addition, instead of going "Bang", the separation of the components triggers a small sound chip and speaker to play a recording of the actual sound of an elderly tom cat having its tail worried by a young and enthusiastic Jack Russel terrier (actually, that recording is what sparked this idea in the first place).


8th of 7, Nov 06 2008

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       there should be a law that outlaws the C word in November.
po, Nov 06 2008

       similarly in October - grrrr.
po, Nov 06 2008

       Yes, but we need the orders now, so we can ship next month.
8th of 7, Nov 06 2008

       A truly halfbaked idea +
xenzag, Nov 06 2008


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