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Mouse capsules

Easy medication
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For the vast majority of dogs, getting them to take a tablet easy, consisting of:

Step 1: Put tablet in cheese.
Step 2: Give cheese to dog.

Some dogs are, however, oddly fussy.

Rather than risk ending up deficient in the digit department due to a set of small but extremely sharp teeth operating with unerring precision, bewildering speed, and malice aforethought, a little behavioural analysis yields dividends.

While such dogs spurn conventional "treats", they often (especially those with terrier in their ancestry) have an obsessive passion for mice, dead or alive; usually said mice make the transition from alive to dead very rapidly. Thereafter, it's almost as if there never was a mouse - just a small dog looking very pleased with itself.

Therefore, BorgCo are pleased to offer a new product line - "Mouse Capsules". Fashioned from an actual mouse, eviscerated, de-boned and radiation sterilized, it is the work of moments to place the tablet in the body cavity, then dangle the tempting morsel above the gnashing jaws for a few seconds before "accidentally" dropping it towards the floor.

It will never get there.

Job done ...

8th of 7, Mar 11 2020


       Why only for dogs?
pocmloc, Mar 11 2020

       The feline version met with an unexpectedly high level of consumer resistance, and a lot of bills for cleaning from former cat owners.
8th of 7, Mar 11 2020

       //feline version//
If I tried this with my cat, he would dissect the "mouse", push the tablet away, eat the "mouse", then look at me wondering why there isn't more mouse... (Honestly, he manages to remove pills from his food with remarkable precision.)
neutrinos_shadow, Mar 11 2020

       // dissect the "mouse" //   

       Yes... we had produced a very effective "self-dissecting" - or rather, "self-disassembling" mouse - using silver nitride as the active ingredient.   

       Not unexpectedly, it disassembled the cat, too. And then they got all whiny about "misleading product labelling" ... it said quite clearly, "Open your cat up to a new experience ! *", right below the U.N. 1.1A Hazard diamond, and the warnings about avoiding shock, friction, heat, naked flames, vibration, and looking too hard at the product in case it just got the hump and took it upon itself to go off bang without any further warning.   

       Petty, we call it.   

       *It certainly did exactly what it said on the packet.
8th of 7, Mar 11 2020


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