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Haute Pet Cuisine
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A range of sauces for the discerning pet. Add a little relish to your dogs plate. Liven up that can of plain horrible looking mush. Varieties come in Doggy Ketchup, Doggy Gravy, Doggy Onion Sauce and Doggy Pickle. Full of vitamins and minerals as recommended by Jamie Oliver and other vets. See him smile, Watch that wink, Oh Happy Dog.
po, Nov 26 2001

Vita Gravy! http://www.petsmart...product_28137.shtml
bacon, bbq, chicken and steak--these have been around for a couple of years [meowhous, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Baked - nutritious jelly. Mmm!
lubbit, Nov 26 2001

       Dogs don't. Cats have been known to, but that may just be awkwardness.
pottedstu, Nov 26 2001

       no, this is for grateful dogs - not picky cats
po, Nov 29 2001

       Two 'Go's and a 'Boy' in the title. I thought this was going to be a whole 'nother type of idea. Ah well.
Guy Fox, Nov 29 2001

       Pete: For the price of the stuff they should. And believe me, given the choice of fresh salmon, and their product, my cats would choose the latter. I've spent a small fortune on this range, sucked in by their ad's for gourmet fodder, I should film the disgusted looks on my cats faces when served with it.
arora, Nov 29 2001

       peter, the idea is for the sauces, not the haute cuisine bit.
po, Nov 29 2001

       try fish oil and catnip - lovely
po, Nov 29 2001

       Maybe pet medication could be mixed into these sauces. Po's Ringworm Relish. Po's Meaty Metronidazole. Po's Ketoprofen Ketchup.
bristolz, Nov 29 2001

       excuse me, I don't have ringworm or any of those other horrid things   

       <off subject a tad- I remember my boyfriend looking in the cupboard for something for his cold and saying " if I had worms, I'd be alright ">
po, Nov 29 2001

       Of course you don't have them, I think, I hope. It's the Po's brand name medicated doggy sauce line.
bristolz, Nov 29 2001

       hee hee.
po, Jul 16 2008


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