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perforated dog biscuits

little perforations criss cross in a dog biscuit.
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my dog has gone off his biscuits. I thinks its because his teeth are sensitive or something.

I really want him to get his roughage and the exercise to his gums that biscuits give him.

little perforations would help the initial nibbles and ensure a healthy digestion.

po, Oct 26 2003


       I always wondered; why do dog biscuits come in fancy shapes? It's not like the dog gives a rats ass. (+) Makes em' easier to snap in half too!
silverstormer, Oct 26 2003

       Would save me the trouble of biting them in half and spitting them out for Rover. Although they do taste quite tasty. (+)
Klaatu, Oct 26 2003

       // why do dog biscuits come in fancy shapes? //   

       So humans will buy them.
waugsqueke, Oct 26 2003

       My perforated dog would love these.
hippo, Oct 26 2003

       Sorry Darling but you are quite mad
The Kat, Oct 26 2003

       Maybe you need a sensitive teeth dog biscuit variant? Like the toothpaste.
waugsqueke, Oct 26 2003

       Or perhaps switch to a meat-based cat kibble (e.g., Purina ONE Lamb & Rice Formula), that would still have the roughage you want but is already in smaller pieces that might be easier to chew. Admittedly, though, I have yet to see a healthy dog that "nibbled" rather than "scarfed".
jurist, Oct 26 2003

       Ha. At first pass, I only read : "Or perhaps switch to a meat-based cat."
Detly, Oct 26 2003


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