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Christmas Robin Attracting Beret

Beret that attracts a friendly robin
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This Christmas, attract a friendly robin to come and perch on your head for a photograph by wearing one of my specially adapted berets.

Every beret I have ever seen is characterised by a short segment of wool or felt, that sticks out of the top at the crown of the hat. I have replaced this with a motorised version that imitates the appearance and motion of a wriggling worm, irresistible to a hungry robin.

When you see a robin, all you need do is pop on your beret, nip outside, stand perfectly still, activate the "worm" and wait for the robin to land on your head and start tugging at the bait. Of course he can't pull it out, but he does get rewarded for his efforts as the worm also secretes a tasty nutrient, much to the robin's liking.

Other birds may also be attracted of course, but that's only a bonus for your efforts, all of which you must capture on film with your pre-positioned camera.

xenzag, Dec 18 2006

(?) Robin is the one on the right http://www.kenston....es/batman&robin.jpg
[normzone, Dec 18 2006]

I don't want to get this one! http://www.dailyhah..._pics/bird_head.htm
[xandram, Dec 18 2006]

(?) ...Or this one. http://www.wwe-germ...m_120_boogeyman.jpg
"He eats worms!" [theleopard, Dec 19 2006]


       + I'm hoping I can attract a Cardinal that has been in my yard.
xandram, Dec 18 2006

       the worm can have a little Pope's finger with a ring for the Cardinal to kiss, just for you.
xenzag, Dec 19 2006

       It's more likely to attract an aggressive seagull around here.
DrBob, Dec 19 2006

       Why would I want to attract a robin?   

       What's to stop my robin beret attracting something less pleasant, like a gannet?
jonthegeologist, Dec 19 2006

       Or a weasel.
theleopard, Dec 19 2006

       aye [leopard], there's the rub.
jonthegeologist, Dec 19 2006

theleopard, Dec 19 2006

DrBob, Dec 19 2006

       Would it attract a robinism? They seem to be on the verge of extinction.
wagster, Dec 19 2006

       Don't like the sweating bit but love the rest. Suggest accessory of walking stick with basin atop containing meal worms. Once the robin has been attracted, slowly raise the stick to head height where the robin can see the real worms. In this way, you get your photo, the robin gets a meal and you have the chance to develop the formerly fleeting encounter into a lasting and meaningful relationship.
squeak, Dec 20 2006


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