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Edible Hat

If You Like This Idea, I'll Eat My Hat.
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Useful for situations where you are on the losing end of a wager involving the consumption of one's cranial apparel.

Comes in a variety of flavours and forms including baseball caps, berets and sombreros.

hidden truths, Aug 11 2005

Edible Hats http://www.thescrea...2-2/hatsofmeat.html
Might want to cook first though. [skinflaps, Aug 11 2005]

Eating crow, hat, words, heart and dirt. http://www.worldwid...rticles/eatcrow.htm
Five course chinese banquet! [calum, Aug 11 2005]

Carmen Miranda https://www.ebar.co...ture/movies//228900
... sporting her chapeau d'apéritif. [Amos Kito, Aug 12 2005, last modified Apr 16 2021]

Make a rice paper hat. http://www.foundati...ps/illeatmyhat.html
Similar to this idea, but only referring to one sort of hat and sounds as though it would taste terrible. [hidden truths, Aug 14 2005]


       Is it made of beef jerky?
skinflaps, Aug 11 2005

       A Pork Pie Hat?
etherman, Aug 11 2005

       It would provide a convenient landing pad for flies and other airbourne insects.
skinflaps, Aug 11 2005

       mmmm...pork pie.
zen_tom, Aug 11 2005

       Coming next: edible crow.
DrCurry, Aug 11 2005

       [Mr.Jafreisi, Phd]I don't get that, is it for all those occasions when one finds oneself exclaiming "I'll eat my crow!"?   

       I'd accept a meandering crow that follows non euclidian flightpaths in order to justify wildly innacurate estimates of distance.   

       "No, I meant, as *this* crow flies!"
zen_tom, Aug 11 2005

       As per calum's link.   

       "to eat one’s hat, expressing one’s complete confidence in the outcome being described"   

       Well [HT] I'm looking forward to it (please provide evidence)
skinflaps, Aug 11 2005

       I should probably have gone with my gut feeling and written "If you bake this, I will eat my hat" instead. Would you like me to post you a half-digested hat [skinflaps]?
hidden truths, Aug 11 2005

       Well I never, you really do learn something new (about Americans) every day here on the hb. I'd never come across eating crow before.
zen_tom, Aug 11 2005

       Same material as edible panties?
Eugene, Aug 11 2005

       This hat is made out of a high-starch dehydrated custard.
joeforker, Aug 11 2005

       Three things:   

       1) I love the phrase "I'll eat my hat" and similar phrases, like "I'll be a monkey's uncle."   

       2) I love the term "cranial apparel."   

       3) I love the idea of an actual edible hat. Beef jerkey sounds great. Now, if we can only find a way to actually become a monkey's uncle.
Machiavelli, Aug 11 2005

       [Mach] re #3 there, all you have to do is marry a monkey, and wait till one of your spouse's brothers or sisters have some baby monkies. Simple, providing you have the supporting legislature.   

       [edit] Ah, but that would make you a monkey's aunt. Nope, looks like the monkey's uncle dream is out the window.
zen_tom, Aug 11 2005

       zt: crow is, of course, edible, just very bitter. Much the same flavor as humble pie, I imagine.
DrCurry, Aug 11 2005

       //Nope, looks like the monkey's uncle dream is out the window.//   

       Geeze, news like that should be given a little more gently, [tom]!
Machiavelli, Aug 11 2005

       I'm sorry [Mach], I didn't know how to break it any other way. Sometimes the truth hurts. I've heard of monkey reassignment therapy, but you have to spend years living as a monkey, adapting to a banana based diet, and wearing a big all-over monkey wig. I think the last time I heard about it, was on a documentary; They were following a day in the life of a former tax inspector from Grimsby, called Bobo (not his original name) as he adapted to his new role as a Costa Rican Howler monkey. It was very moving.   

       [DrCurry] yes, I've not thought about this before, but this and talk a few months ago about lactation makes me wonder what it is that makes things that eat graze on a simple food sources (i.e. grass) taste preferable to those that have more varied/complex diets.   

       As for pie, my Granny and Mum both make the most wonderful cottage/shepherds pie, I have yet to stop myself from vicariously bragging about it. And don't (whatever you do) let me get started on apple crumble.
zen_tom, Aug 11 2005

       I dunno. Chickens eat bugs and all sorts of things, and they taste pretty good to me. I think this has more to do with early man domesticating the animals that tasted good, and leaving the rest alone.
DrCurry, Aug 12 2005

       This is fairly widely known to exist, based on google: edible hats -halfbakery.   

       Why shouldn't this be MFD/E, just to be fair?
oxen crossing, Aug 14 2005

       Looking throgh the search criteria that you suggested, I found one genuine instance of a hat that could be eaten, which I had already found in a preliminary search before posting this idea. I had decided that the web-site that you are presumably talking about (link), was considerably more limited than this idea.
hidden truths, Aug 14 2005

       "Nacho, nacho man. I want to be a nacho man!"   

contracts, Aug 14 2005

       Well, yeah, and a bunch of other sites that looked good on google, but turn out to be either cakes (unwearable), or refer back to the one site you point out.
oxen crossing, Aug 15 2005

       To be fair [oc], I suppose you could wear a cake. It just wouldn't be advisable.
hidden truths, Aug 16 2005

       //This is fairly widely known to exist// - It is? I think that anything that returns less than ten proper hits on google is pretty esoteric.
wagster, Aug 17 2005

       Not really widely known. Lord knows i've never heard of it, and I must spend 30 hours a day on the Internets.
shapu, Aug 17 2005

       I don't know how you come up with //10 proper hits//, but whatever. I hereby retract any fledgling objections I may have been incubating regarding this idea.
oxen crossing, Aug 17 2005

       Well, I think that the edible hats that show up on google are all food that is prepared to be eaten, but is hat-shaped. This idea, on the other hand, is based on hats that you wear around town (perhaps jauntily, if it suits), that just happen to he edible as well.
shapu, Aug 17 2005

       Precisely. Google will almost always return something, a proper hit is one that refers to what you intended. There are about 225,000 results for 'Edible hat', less than ten of which refer to a hat that you can wear and eat (ok, I haven't checked them all). There are about 166 results for '"Edible hat"', the first of which brings you right back here.
wagster, Aug 17 2005

       [shapu], jaunty wearing of an edible hat is recommended, maybe even mandatory.   

       [longshot], that sounds like a pretty fine idea that I would probably vote for. You should post it.
hidden truths, Aug 20 2005

       My edible hat is a secret, so you have no way of knowing whether it is edible or not. In fact you have no way of knowing it exists. These matters are for me alone.
wagster, Aug 20 2005


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