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Reversible Bowl-er Hat

Go from looking mighty spiffing to eating soup in a jiffy!
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Quite a simple idea is this one, chaps! You're walking along the street, and a charming young lady ambles by. She glances at you, and you doff your hat in her general direction. But hold on, you remove your hat, and hold it in front of you! Is this some sort of whimsical jape? No, you're merely readying yourself for a quick meal! Flip the hat inside out, pull out a flask of delicious soup, tip it into your hat, grab a spoon from your tweed jacket, and slurp away. Upon finishing, give the hat a quick flick to remove any leftover soup, reverse once more, and place back on your head. Delish! Of course, the bowl side of the hat will be made of teflon and will be waterproof, to protect both from rain and soup stains. Several designs could be available, supported with struts similar to that of an umbrella if necessary.
quaero curvus, Apr 12 2005


       There's a hair in my soup, someone else can finnish the joke off.
skinflaps, Apr 12 2005

       Kind of like running into the deli and grabbing a bowl of soup except you have the soup in a flask and drink it from your hat, wonderfully messy idea.
ORISIS, Apr 12 2005

       Welcome [quaero]. [-] for the "mighty spiffing" but [+] for "whimsical jape" so it cancels out. Is this designed for eating soup on the go? As my lackluster balancing skills would require that I also wear water-proof clothes.
hidden truths, Apr 12 2005

       As long as the soup is water based.
pooduck, Apr 12 2005


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