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Church of Nerf

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This full-sized operational church building and everything in it are made of Nerf foam.
sqeaketh the wheel, Nov 26 2012

Well, if there's a Bouncy Castle Church.... http://www.metro.co...remote-congregation
...I'm sure you can get people to come to a Nerf Church! [DrCurry, Nov 26 2012]


       Those Bibles must be pretty thick!
phundug, Nov 26 2012

       I'm also not sure how you could make nerf wine - I suppose the communion would not be a ritual in this church.
phundug, Nov 26 2012

       We will make an exception for wine. Also the people, etc., will not be Nerf.
sqeaketh the wheel, Nov 26 2012

phundug, Nov 26 2012

       Purpose, you ask? What is the purpose of Ant Shoes? Or Flenting Wax?
sqeaketh the wheel, Nov 26 2012

       I love the Bouncy Church. [link]
sqeaketh the wheel, Nov 26 2012

       Flenting Wax's purpose is obvious.
RayfordSteele, Nov 27 2012


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