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Cigarettes that smell like a pancake,bacon and coffee breakfast.
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Back a few years ago when I was allowed to smoke cigarettes at my job, my co-workers would complain that the smell of my smoking in the morning would nauseate them. I thought they'd gotten used to that 'toasty smoked lung' odor I was exhaling, but I guess not.

For some reason, one day when I ran out of cigs., I rolled a couple of my own from some old stale pipe tobacco that I kept for emergencies in a bottom drawer of my desk.

A maple cavendish, I believe it was called. Anyway,....... to my surprise my fellow workers were delighted by the rich 'breakfast-ie aroma' I was expelling. People were coming in from all the other offices just so they could savor my "pancakes and maple syrup" smokey smell.

So I propose a special blended tobacco for cigarettes that captures the sweet smell of maple syrup over pancakes, rashers of grilling bacon and freshly brewing coffee.

Many of these fragrances are already available in the form of aromatic essences, used in the creation of artificial food flavorings.

Cosmo, Sep 11 2003


       Although this specific flavour may not be in current usage, aromatic cigarettes are baked.
DrBob, Sep 11 2003

       I'm not a fan of pancakes, bacon or coffee. Or cigarettes. So you're not going to win me over via any combination thereof.
benjamin, Oct 24 2003

       Just quit smoking, and have bacon, pancakes, and coffee in the morning for breakfast.
friendless-person, Nov 24 2003

       Gotta love a guy who has rolling papers lying around at work.
bungston, Nov 24 2003

       Maybe not bacon, but -- this is pretty much already what happened to tobacco in the early days of smoking. A lot of small companies spent a lot of time experimenting with all kinds of additives and processes to make tobacco smell sweeter, milder, more like more expensive kinds of tobacco, etc.   

       A surprisingly captivating book about the history of the tobacco industry is "Ashes to Ashes" by Richard Kluger.
jutta, Jan 16 2005


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