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Cig-sized Smoke-filled Tubes: "Quick Smokes"

For When You Don't Have Time for More Than 1 Drag.
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I'm no longer a smoker, but I remember times when I wanted a smoke badly but only had time for a quick drag--such as between the car and front door of some place.

Imagine having a pack of cig-sized plastic tubes that are pre-filled with smoke. They are each clear and the size of a ciggarette.

You can pull one out of your cigarette-sized pack; make a quick bite on one end whilst flicking a tab on the other; and take a quick drag. All this in a few seconds with no lighting, no butt to throw away, and just enough for one good hit. Err; I meant "drag."

As an added bonus, the end of each plastic tube would contain a small mint. So in a about five seconds time you could get a quick fix with minimal smoke, minimal smell, no lighting, and no ashtray to look for.

jballard, May 03 2004

Someone beat you to it... http://www.google.c...f&q=bidi+cigarettes
...hundreds of years ago [Mr Burns, Oct 17 2004]

Nicolaxx suppositories http://www.iamlost.com/features/nicolaxx/
[FarmerJohn, Oct 17 2004]


       But the smoke will be room temperature, won't it? I don't know if that would make any difference mind you, since I'm a nonsmoker.
Madcat, May 03 2004

       Is this second-hand smoke?
FarmerJohn, May 03 2004

       The various chemicals in the smoke would end up congealing on the inside of the tube. A bit like what the walls inside a smokers house looks like - or, indeed, their lungs - except in a portable tube.
Detly, May 03 2004

       Or...you could wear a patch and sniff at a small cylinder of carbon monoxide. That’s what I do.
ldischler, May 03 2004

       //Or you could get some nuts and quit your nasty, addictive, deadly habit//   

       Nice troll.
Mr Burns, May 03 2004

       Mr Burns, the Bidi cigarettes are not the same thing. I'm talking about a sealed plastic tube with nothing but compressed smoke in it. (Nothing to light, no ashes, very quick).
jballard, May 03 2004

       Make it compressed smoke and helium and it'll be a little fun too!
Harry Mudd, May 03 2004

       I think a more efficient form factor would be something like an asthma inhaler.   

       Unfortunately I dislike this idea because it seems like it would result in more people exhaling smoke near the entrance of buildings.
scad mientist, May 03 2004

       [scad mientist] So what? You're outside aren't you? Wait for a gust of wind to blow away all the nasty smoke and then hurry past holding up a big picture of a diseased lung.
squeak, May 04 2004

       I don't think that this will work. The reason why people smoke tobacco is that when vapourised, Nicotine is not very stable. You need to heat the tobacco to vapourise the Nicotine, then get the resulting vapour into contact with your lungs really quickly to get it absorbed into your bloodstream. If you leave it lying around, the Nicotine gets denatured and the smoke won't have the effect that smokers crave. The other ways to get Nicotine into your blood involve prolonged exposure of the tobacco to a mucous membrane surface (like chewing or sniffing dust).   

       ...lateral thought Hmmm, so no-one's tried tobacco suppositries yet - there's a new smokeless tobacco opportunity...
ATP, May 04 2004

       //no-one's tried tobacco suppositries yet// 'Fraid so. See link.
FarmerJohn, May 04 2004

ATP, May 05 2004

       The obvious thing would be to package instant cigarette smoke in those little plastic inhalers asthmatics use.
hippo, May 05 2004

       //The obvious thing would be to package instant cigarette smoke in those little plastic inhalers asthmatics use.//   

       That would be quite a step down, since many of those contain speed, steroids or similar substances, IIunderstandC.   

       [scout], you were still pretty much trolling. Of course, the people who advocate cigarettes with bombs in them, cigarettes that sterilize the smoker, etc. are all trolling as well, so whatever.
disbomber, Apr 16 2005


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