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Cigarette Kazoo

Combination Kazoo and Cigarette
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Either marketed as an attachment or in packs, the cigarette kazoo is just that: a cigarette to which a kazoo is attached. The user can inhale smoke and play the kazoo with one breath. Variations might include train-whistle cigars or "safety-whistle" cigarettes. It's for the kids.
wooby, Feb 04 2005

Cigarette Kazoo Mockup http://www.neologic...cigarette-kazoo.jpg
With some help from Photoshop I put together this mockup. [wooby, Feb 04 2005]

similar http://www.funhaler.com/product.html
whistling inhaler for kids [jaksplat, Feb 05 2005]

How to play the kazoo http://www.kazoos.com/pub/
Don't blow, just hum. [Machiavelli, Feb 06 2005]


       It's sort of a nifty idea but I don't think it would work as advertising. I think you need to hum to make it work, and human's can't inverse hum.   

       . . . and dogs can't look up, too. I like your drawing. [+]
contracts, Feb 04 2005

       Based on the premise that smokers couldn't look any more ridiculous [+]
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 04 2005

       And if the thought of one hundred smoggin sexagenarians huddled together over bingo cards at the Knights of Columbus wasn't funny enough for you...
JungFrankenstein, Feb 04 2005

       [+] great mockup.
Mustardface, Feb 05 2005

       Call it a "cigaroo" and I'd have to smoke it.
wagster, Feb 05 2005

       Hang on, I thought you were supposed to hum into a kazoo, not blow...?
Detly, Feb 05 2005

       I believe you're correct, [Detly]. See link. Sorry, [wooby]. It would've been a very cool idea if it worked.
Machiavelli, Feb 06 2005

       umm. sure the kazoo could be impossible but the safety whistle you mentioned would be a big seller outside raves!
ben reeve, Feb 06 2005

       I LOVE IT!!!!!! HA!
fity, Feb 06 2005


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