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Work out and catch a flick
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Why not have a first-run movie house fully-stocked with the latest exercise equipment? The movie screen would be behind glass and the sound would be piped in. I feel certain that millions of time-strapped Americans less sedentary than myself would find this a fabulous way to kill two birds with one ston
novamax, Jul 15 2000

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       It's all about mood. Most women can't operate machinery when watching the tear-jerker-o-the-month-- They can barely remember to breath. Although, for a guy, having a punching bag around would be nice for those kevin costner excuses for films or when annoying actors say stupid lines.
sh4linux, Dec 21 2000

       I thought this idea would be about watching a movie from a hot tub. Can't croissant it if it involves working.
phoenix, Nov 02 2001

       [GeorgeTheRobin]: Why?
phoenix, Nov 02 2001

       I like the "movie from the hot tub" thought. A cinema full of hot tubs, clothing optional.
bristolz, Nov 03 2001

       ... or, of course, you could have a Saunama, although the steam might be a problem. Or not, depending on the type of movies played.
Guy Fox, Nov 03 2001


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