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Criss-Cross-Crash Recreation Path

For the thrill seeking recreationalist!
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No more boring bike paths, or stodgy hiking trails, No more pass on the left and yield to our 4 legged friends. Welcome to the Criss-Cross-Crash Recreational Area.

Offering trails for all kinds of outdoor recreation, including Mountain Biking, road biking, Four wheeling, motorcycleing, dune buggieing, Jogging, speed walking, hiking etc. Each sport has its own designated trails which criss-cross one another at random intervals, with 2 trails to as many as 10 intersecting at a point. Our dense evergreen forest enhanced with sound reflecting berms ensure both privacy and adventure when approaching an intersection, you'll never know what's about to cross your path......or you.

Don't miss out on the adventure of a lifetime in the great outdoors.

Disclaimer: The owners, advertisers and users of the C-C-C recreational area are not responsible for any injuries, deaths or soiled garments that may be incurred. EMTs on site 24/7 for your convenience.

jhomrighaus, Apr 12 2008

Inspired by: Intertwined_2c_20Mu...ng_2fRiding_20Paths
[jhomrighaus, Apr 12 2008]


       Cool, outdoor mountain bike roller-derby!
RayfordSteele, Apr 12 2008

       Oh dear. Now I look like an unnecessarily fusty maiden aunt. I like the idea - but surely it should be limited to those who have the choice as to whether to participate? [+] to show that I'm still, er, hip... isn't that the word you young people use for these things?
david_scothern, Apr 14 2008

       Your point was taken, I deleted the annos surrounding it now so no worries.
jhomrighaus, Apr 14 2008

       OK, now I no longer look like a maiden aunt. Well, I hope I don't. Hey, why are you all staring at me? I _like_ tweed. Admittedly, skirts aren't something I'd normally wear...
david_scothern, Apr 15 2008


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