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Circle music maker

New interface for music making: using spirals.
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Good for mobile too.

See link for drawing.

A large circle is shown for the MUSIC PROGRESSION -FULL. In it is a spiral with MUSIC PROGRESSION PART circles. Each music progression part consists of several RHYTHM SECTION circles in a spiral. As you add rythm sections, the spiral fits them in.

The rhythm section circle consists of several spirals with RHYTHM PART circles each with 24 angular marks. You can draw in your basic rhythm or sing it. You can add a circles to the spiral, which will compress as you add more

Each mark is a NOTE circle. This consists of a SPIRALING 36 notes in 3 circles of 12 notes, one of which can be selected. Setting a scale prevents you from choosing off scale notes. You can set the base pitch so that the circle scale looks symmetric. By dragging the note outward, the note can be made to play louder. This is denoted by a longer (and wider) mark on the note location.

Initial entry is done by microphone. You sing in or tap, and the program detects a scale, rhythm and tune, which you can then change. You may select these or some of them in advance, and play with a metronome, also shown visually.

In the center you can: choose to change the scale (with our without changing the actual song), base note (transform without changing the notation location on the circles), transform (turning the circles - so that the notation location is now in a different location), select musical instrument.

ALL spirals support: Edit, delete, cut, copy and paste.

If it turns out that clicks move things around unintentionally the spirals should also support: Protect / Remove protection.

The spirals can be rotated and made longer or shorter, so that things "make sense" to the user.

OK Here goes, I'll spend an hour on the drawings.

pashute, Aug 19 2010

Circular Music idea sketch https://docs.google...FIB7DXxWUOA_c&hl=iw
[pashute, Aug 19 2010]

What or who is Spiridian http://www.youtube....watch?v=8aCJLJqD0M0
And how does this video tie in to that? [pashute, Aug 19 2010]


       St. Spiridion save us all.
neelandan, Aug 19 2010

       Is he any relation to St. Spirograph ?
8th of 7, Aug 19 2010

       ya know, capital letters don't always make whatever you're trying to convey, understandable.   

       who or what is a "music progression" ?
FlyingToaster, Aug 19 2010


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