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Pre-smashed-up car

a brand new car that looks like its been though hell.
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You bought bran new jeans with holes in the knees in the 80's. You just installed disstressed flooring in your livingroom so why wouldnt you buy a pre-smashed-up car? It''ll be hard to find a new dent in your pre-smashed-up car! (may work well with other inventions. See Beer In A Pop Can)
abe03, Mar 08 2004


       Are you kidding? You wouldn't be able to park it for 5 minutes without it getting stolen. Those things are insanely popular this week.
phundug, Mar 08 2004

       Saturday Night Live commercial: Chameleon. Baked.   

       Nice interior & trashy exterior make Chameleon XLE a practical luxury car.
yabba do yabba dabba, Mar 08 2004

       I take pride in making a trashy statement without spending a lot of money.
dpsyplc, Mar 08 2004

       then the used car salesman couldn't say "eh, i'll knock a thousand off for the dents". you couldn't sell one used actually, everyone would be scared it's actually messed up.
Bighongry, May 12 2006


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