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Driveable Giant Hotwheels

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Lets face it. Some of the car designs for Hotwheels were pretty cool. Too bad they never actually made cars like that.

A corporate takeover of the Hotwheels company by some big car company, (or at least buying the designs) and then making life-size driveable Hotwheels cars.

DesertFox, Mar 08 2006

Sample http://www.verycool...ages/hw2004_001.jpg
[DesertFox, Mar 08 2006]

http://www.hotwheel...2D&category_id=7500 [DesertFox, Mar 08 2006]

My personal favorite, the Solaire http://images.googl...ire+hotwheels&hl=en
[DesertFox, Mar 08 2006]

http://www.castanet...news-story--25-.htm [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jul 02 2012]

Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth customs http://www.ratfink.com/ed-roth-cars.php
A handful of his many outrageous hotrods are showcased here. Others are in private collections or have been lost to history. [Alterother, Jul 02 2012]


       Economically feasible or does that not matter?
bristolz, Mar 08 2006

       Economically feasible? Pshaw. Since when have HB ideas been economically feasible?   

       I'm thinking the fancy panelwork woul be the major cost additions. You could use a regular engine and framework for some of them.
DesertFox, Mar 08 2006

       The cars would be make-able but those big ass track loop-de-loops...I dunno.   

       I think it's a fun idea. Life should be so much more fun than it seems to be some days. If someone could afford to play like this, why not? +
xandram, Mar 08 2006

       GM could do worse. Has done worse, for that matter.   

       There is a Japanese car on the road that looks like a child drew it, big and boxy and square edged.
DrCurry, Mar 08 2006

       Have you seen some of DaimlerChrysler's recent creations in the US? Not far off.
egbert, Mar 08 2006

       One thing I've noticed is that Hotwheels gives its cars model names. My favorite hotwheels car ever was the Solaire CX4, a battered toy car that I somehow still have.   

       Too bad that car never existed in real life.   

DesertFox, Mar 08 2006

       This has been baked by a few custom car designers. I think all those cars were bought up by Hot Wheels, though, to put in their corporate headquarters building. I remember seeing a show on TLC about building one of these cars, a strange surfer-wagon pickup with the engine in the back, the passenger compartment way up front like in a VW Bus, and a cargo area in the middle.
discontinuuity, Mar 08 2006

       ummm, i think its called "pimp my ride", "Autozone" or any other car store or show.
craziness, Mar 09 2006

       The car's name is "Deora II", and the show is called "Rides". There is also a car named the "Twinmill".
BJS, Mar 09 2006

       //pimp my ride// HE heh Heh. 'Un-pimp my ride.' 'You got an F' 'representing duetshland' ....   

       Did anyone see the mythbusters where they raced a hot wheels against a Viper on a downhill coast? I was amazed.
Zimmy, Mar 09 2006

       Some of the craziest Hot Wheels designs were inspired by Big Daddy Roth (creator of 'Rat Fink'), who really did build cars like that <hot-rod link-in>. Some have gone so far as to suggest that he was the inspiration for Hot Wheels cars altogether, but I can't cite a source for that. He was certainly an iconic figure for a huge international subculture.
Alterother, Jul 02 2012


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