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Fimobile Outfitters

sculpt your own car body
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(Fimo is a brand name for polymer clay)

If you would like a truly original looking auto, now you can create your own car body. Take your car to the Fimobile Outfitters. First the paint will have to be sanded down, and they will coat the entire car in a 3”-4” layer of polymer clay. You will also be given extra clay for adding to places you want to change drastically. Then, you or maybe an artist friend starts to work on modeling the clay into your fantasy vehicle. You can pinch and pull and design the clay into whimsical shapes or real sleek auto lines. Maybe a Maserati style hood, and a Mustang trunk to make a Masertang or Musterati. Use the extra clay for making hood ornaments or croissant shaped side mirrors. Remember, anything too long or thin may break off, so use good judgment in that area. Textures can also be applied easily. Anything pressed into the clay will retain an impression. From brick walls to damask fabric door panels, or even your child’s handprint, there are many interesting possibilities.

If you cover the clay entirely with plastic, you may sculpt for a few days until you are completely satisfied with your creation. Then Fimobile Outfitters will bake the car slowly at a low temperature in the large, garage style, top-heating oven. When you car is fully baked, chose the color paint and it will be painted and completed with a clear coat. If you have a lot of money to spend, surely an airbrush paint job is in order. Drive in your own style!

xandram, Mar 22 2006

Adobe http://snltranscrip...g/86/86dadobe.phtml
Reminded me of this, courtesy of SNL. [Shz, Mar 22 2006]


       As long as the clay is special weightless clay, sounds good.
ed, Mar 22 2006

       I was thinking that one could also press objects into the clay like sea shells, rhinestones or other objects of interest.
xandram, Mar 23 2006

       And you can get rid of that awful tail in the '05 7-Series BMW.   

       Also, and as a pre-emptive strike to some misguided soul out there wanting to post "Pimp my Fimobile", you can embed different color lights, LCD screens and other bells and whistles until you are blue in the face.
methinksnot, Mar 23 2006

       I think styrofoam would be better but less permanent. Perhaps Styrofoam covered in a layer of hard resin.   

       I wonder if a lost wax technique might work. Do 99% in wax, cover wax with metal reinforced clay, heat and wax liquifies and is drained off. Then inject styrofoam to support the clay.   

       BTW, I read that there is a Japanese company that buys new chasis w/o body from Nissan and puts on their own limited edition fantasy bodies.
geo8rge, Mar 24 2006

       Yeah, polymer clay breaks to easily for this. Sculpt it in wax, or clay, or plaster; then take a cast, and rebuild a fiberglass shell in the form.
jutta, Aug 14 2006


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