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Clap Trak

Track your claps!
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A small device that keeps count of the times you clap in your house, and displays them on a bar graph so you can monitor your weekly usage.
21 Quest, Oct 09 2009

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       "I'm sorry Dave, but you seem to have the clap."

       Unabubba, 10/10/2009, accidentally deleted by 21 Quest.

       Sorry, UB, I mistapped on my smartphone's touchscreen.
21 Quest, Oct 10 2009

       don't bake while you drive, you idiot. it might be me crossing the road.
po, Oct 10 2009

       I was thinking this could also sync with all the clap-sensitive appliances in the home and display a pie chart alongside the bar graph showing which appliances were used the most (or at least, which were activated the most, accidentally or intentionally) each week.

       Don't you keep a dummy corpse handy? Anyway, I wasn't moving at the time, we were at a stoplight that just turned green.
21 Quest, Oct 10 2009

       what starts out as baking at traffic lights progresses to baking while on the motorway to baking while whizzing past a primary school.

       I have to hold my hand up though, I started taking photographs at traffic lights...
po, Oct 10 2009

       I do realize, of course, that you're right.
21 Quest, Oct 10 2009


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