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remote control2

shock proof remote control (optional pager)
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my idea is a remote control (for tv,vcr,sound system) that is shock proof, ive had to buy a new universal remote control when the originals` life has expired, by beign dropped, since it is likely to be dropped, then make it shock proof, i say.

Also i have lost my remote many times, and the paging device that some cordless phones have ( when you press the button on the pedestal of the phone and hear a beep from the cordless unit), could really come in handy at this point.

masingerz, Apr 02 2001

Cyborg Remotes http://www.halfbake...ea/cyborg_20reality
Finger-tip control? [riposte, Apr 02 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       My remotes aren't likely to be dropped because I live on a planet which doesn't have uncomfortably high gravity and I have five fingers (including opposable thumb) on each hand. Why are your remotes more likely to be dropped than mine or any other piece of delicate electronic equipment?

I eliminate the need for a paging device by always putting the remote back in the same place.
sirrobin, Apr 02 2001

       For that matter what if you dropped the paging device and it broke?
sirrobin, Apr 02 2001

       the pager button would be integrated with the tv set, not likely to be dropped.
masingerz, Apr 02 2001

       I don't think the paging device on the TV would work because if someone could be bothered to go over to the TV and press buttons they would probably not be too bothered about loosing their remote control.
Aristotle, Apr 02 2001

       Only remote I've heard of that was truly lost was due to burglary.
thumbwax, Apr 02 2001

       Didn't Panasonic already do this? Like 4 years ago? I remember the commercial. Oh yeah, and get one of those remote control watches - they work pretty well at home and in bars. :)
dens, Apr 02 2001

       Three-quarters-baked. I know of a VCR which, when turned on (say by having a tape injected), automatically pages its remote. Then you can find the remote and flop onto the couch.   

       As for dropping the remote, a screw and a lanyard should take care of that.
centauri, Apr 02 2001

       I want a remote coated in super-bounce-ball stuff.
nick_n_uit, Apr 03 2001

       A pager for a remote on the TV with a detachable unit to locate the lost remote in other rooms. That way there will always be a unit on the TV. Good for people with kids or bad memories. Going to the TV once to find the remote is better than a dozen times to adj. the TV.
kcin, Feb 26 2002

       Tie the remote to a coffee table. We have and now it no longer goes walkabout with my son (who is 2 and a half and loves anything with buttons)
dare99, Feb 26 2002

       I really like the idea of a remote pager. Although I along with sirrobin always try to put the remote in the same place, I have a wife and 3 kids in the house who are always putting the remote in places of their own. These same kids not only like to hide the remote, but they're also known to use it as a football or soccer ball. So any man with a family could tell you that this is a good idea. Newer televisions are also adding features that can only be accessed with the remote, making it worth the effort to walk to your television to push the page button so that you can access features such as p.i.p. and the clock for example.
sleepjunky, Jun 13 2003

       also if panasonic had it a few years back then my guess is that it was improperly marketed. Because had i known about it, I would definitely have had it.
sleepjunky, Jun 13 2003

       I want a remote that can page my TV. I'm always misplacing the damned TV.   

       (looking feverishly for the VCR too)
Cedar Park, Jun 14 2003


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