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Remote control periscope

Not a remote control periscope
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Much electronic equipment nowadays relies on remote controls, in that it's difficult or impossible to do anything without using the remote. This is a problem because it encourages couch potatoism, but also because remote controls are constantly being lost. The solution is to uninvent the remote control, thus:

Stick velcro to the remote control and the device controlled. Take a small periscope and attach it to the infrared sensor on the device and the LED on the remote. In order to operate the device, simply walk up to it and press the right buttons. The periscope is simply a short L-shaped tube with a mirror at the bend.

nineteenthly, Aug 03 2008


       And your competitors will offer equipment that you hold in your lap and operate.
normzone, Aug 03 2008

       Fibre optics.
8th of 7, Aug 03 2008

       A mirror is simpler and cheaper. A polished piece of aluminium in a tube. I take your point, but it wouldn't work with all infrared.
nineteenthly, Aug 03 2008


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