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diesel powered terminator

a robot that can get its own fuel, coz it can.
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Well hello again! I missed you ppl. I just got some time to daydream and got an idea.. Probably for a movie. The challenge with creating a terminator robot is the fuel. How do you plug it in every 4 hours? You cant. But if the robot is powered by gasoline, it can identify cars' gas tanks and get its own fuel. Doesnt matter how intelligent, this robot can be made with today's technology. Best to make it a giant steel ball going with segway technology and a gps. You can equip it with cameras and fire guns and it is ready to create havoc.
xkuntay, Aug 20 2013


rcarty, Aug 20 2013

       (cuts several millions to the future. Successor species archaeologists uncover the deep, deep layer with the last two terminators rusted together forever, fighting over the last barrel of oil...)   

       So, just like humans, eh?
not_morrison_rm, Aug 20 2013

       And the award for “most amusingly misinterpreted category title” goes to [xkuntay]!
ytk, Aug 20 2013

       Tearing into car gas tanks will make people call the fuzz. I like the idea of a miniterminator roomba that snakes its wily plug into untended outlets, soaking up a little charge before returning to its terminating.
bungston, Aug 20 2013

       Didn't you have the idea for the vehicle that tears up roads for its onboard bitumen refinery?
rcarty, Aug 20 2013

       How long have we been ppl?
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 20 2013

       //roomba that snakes its wily plug into //   

       Oooh-Er. What kind of movie was this then?
Custardguts, Aug 20 2013


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