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Always know where to find that pesky remote!
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Now , before anyone has a whinge, I HAVE done a search and I can't find a version of this. So. My idea is this. You know how , whenever you want to turn the TV. on/off/up/down/change channel or whatever, you spend half an hour wandering around the front room, then the house, then the garden, before finding the remote down the back of the sofa. Well I propose a sofa-tidy that actually hangs down the back of the cushions of your favorite sofa. It could have multiple pockets for DVD,TV, stereo remotes, a waterproof pocket for snacks and other food items and another pocket for spliff rolling items. there would be some sort of chute device to collect the items as they fall from your hand onto the chair that would naturally send the dropped items into the correct pocket, where, when it is time to find them again you know exactly where they will be! deluxe models could have a refrigerated compartment.
briandamage, Sep 02 2002


       You know, most TVs have handy buttons right on the front of the set. Very hard to lose those...
DrCurry, Sep 02 2002

       Nothing to fix a lost remote like a very short walk to the telly.
kaz, Sep 02 2002

       So, seeing as Kaz and drcurry NEVER do anything as mundane as watch the telly, or movies or ever lose anything down the back of the sofa...........for the rest of us poor, boring plebs who occasionaly want to turn the sound up or change to widescreen, I thought it might be a bonus in our otherwise dull monotonous lives.....sorry!
briandamage, Sep 02 2002

       Just to throw a cat amongst [kaz] and [DrCurry]'s pigeons, I have a telly that only has an on/off button and a channel up and a channel down. So to alter any other settings I must have the remote to hand. And it never is when there is something on that is extremely loud or quiet.
Jinbish, Sep 02 2002

       Just read the LA-Z- cushions idea, and maybe I'm being sensitive, but it felt like a bit of a dig at my Sofa-Storage-Solution. What I'm suggesting here is taking advantage of the so far unproven theory of mine, that there exists an extraordinary gravitational field down the back of the average domestic sofa. Its not just a case of allowing this phenomenon to act upon certain household items, and passively accept the results, by, for example lifting every cushion in sight to find your remote (or whatever). I suggest that now there is some evidence of this process, we should discuss the potential merits (or not) of utilizing it, and taking advantage of the little understood organizational talents of an everyday soft furnishing. Thats all I was trying to say.
briandamage, Sep 03 2002

       Cheers, bubba jhi
briandamage, Sep 03 2002

       I have seen pocket thingies that hang from the sofa's arm for this. And of course, for the true potato, there are sofas with compartments and telephones and fridges built right in.
waugsqueke, Sep 03 2002

       I'm thinking more along the lines of that system on pub pool tables, where you knock a ball into a pocket, then it clanks around a bit and then comes out of the hatch at the end of the table. the sofa version would attract stuff down behind the cushion ( like they do) and then through an ingenious array of sorting channels and hi-tech sorting soft(and hard)ware the 'lost item would appear, magically some would say, in its proper compartment in th 'Sofa Storage Solution'.
briandamage, Sep 03 2002


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