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Cleaning mode for computers

ignore input and help users
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This operating system option or add-on utility would simply ignore all user input for a set amount of time to allow cleaning of the keyboard and mouse.
Voice, Jan 14 2015

Now Available https://www.theregi.../hp_healthcare_pcs/
The EliteBook will ship with software called "Easy Clean" that disables the keyboard, touchscreen and keypad "to facilitate cleaning with germicidal wipes while the device is still on". [Voice, Mar 07 2018]


       You could shut down the computer before doing that stuff. Computers generally ignore everything when in "off" mode.
Vernon, Jan 14 2015


       I thought this would be like that knob on the oven, that says...let me go look at it.   

       (clack of keyboard, squeak of chair)   

       It says CLEAN. It's right between TIME BAKE and BAKE.   

       I've been told you set it to that setting and it magically cleans itself. I don't believe it. If it did there would be that setting on ALL devices.
normzone, Jan 14 2015

       if they're usb, just unplug, clean re plug, no problem.
bs0u0155, Jan 15 2015

       Just Create a Harmless game which you can not leave without Cntrl Alt DEL three finger salute. Get that Paul Sartre guy who wrote "No Exit" to help you.
popbottle, Jan 15 2015

       I've never been a [big] computer fan.   

       I was a toaster once, however, for Halloween. Sadly this was before they flew.
RayfordSteele, Jan 15 2015

       How about an infamous blue progress bar of input buffer action? User actions could definitely be cleaned in an underpowered system's processing stall.
wjt, Mar 09 2018


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