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The "Time" Keyboard

A trans-dimensional keyboard cleanings system
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This computer keyboard system would use a highly innovative (its time travel! of course its innovative!) time-space engine that would periodically "restart" time around the keyboard, essentially bring the keyboard only back to the condition it was in the first time you set it up infront of your computer, so as long as it was clean then, it will be clean again, over and over again. This would also insure that the keyboard would never decrease in quality or power supply, because it would be turned back into its original state every week* (*whatever time setting that the user would define). This system could also be incorperated with the mouse (for those of you who still use the mouse ball system contrary to the red light detector thingy..)

Problems: some of you would argue that because your bringing the keyboard back to its original state in time it would also change possition possibly and be completly out of phase with out current plane of exisitance. It could be argued that theoretically Time and space (distance) are one and the same, but seing that it is just theory and not proven investors might not buy into the Time Keyboard, possibly fearing that cleaning their keyboard could cause a catastrophic "black hole" which would result in mass destruction of biblical propotions.

The Time Keyboard may have its flaws, but cant we all hope that someday, we can have a truly "clean" keyboard forever!

beta, Apr 27 2002


       Great idea beta, now adapt it so that it keeps my socks fresh but doesnt send my toes to another dimension ...i hate it when that happens.
bob_of_the_jungle, Apr 27 2002

       Do we do time travel?
phoenix, Apr 27 2002

       Would you ask me that 5 minutes before this was posted, [phoenix]?
bristolz, Apr 27 2002

       I will.
phoenix, Apr 29 2002

       Ok, I don't know a ton about this stuff, but if the keyboard was in a different time you wouldn't be able to use it right? Because your hands and the keyboard would be in a different time. Anyways, by the time this technology is available keyboards will probably be extinct. Not to mention the price tag.
koolcj291, Jan 21 2004

       I will already have done this.........
normzone, Jan 21 2004


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