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Keyboard tweezers

Device to remove food crumbs from keyboard
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egnor's already suggested a keyboard cleaning tray to catch crumbs, but I just dropped a little crumb of cheese into my keyboard and it nestled neatly in the space between O, P and L. There it sat, where no tray could help it. And could I pluck it out with fingers or knife? No.

What I suggest is a set of tweezers with a specially-shaped head to remove particles of milk-based foodstuff from keyboards, efficiently and without pushing it through the bottom to clog up my cleaning tray.

Incidentally, my story has a happy ending. I turned the keyboard upside down and shook it. But how much less effort the tweezers would be, and what better to stimulate an economy slipping into recession?

pottedstu, Sep 17 2001


       "How much less effort would the tweezers be?"
Not much, considering I'd lose them and have to go look for them on a regular basis. Maybe someone should suggest a monitor-mounter tweezer caddy.
nick_n_uit, Sep 17 2001

       Maybe the tweezers should slide into the keyboard casing, like on a Swiss army knife. Come to think of it, as long as you're snacking by the computer, you might as well have slide-out silverware and an extendable dinner tray.
francois, Sep 18 2001

       Don't let the nay-sayers get you down [pottedstu]. This is a good idea - though I'd just pop the keycaps and remove the foreign material, something I do periodicaly to clean my keycaps anyway.
phoenix, Sep 18 2001

       phoenix, thanks. But any procedure involving removing keys from the keyboard is surely fraught with danger. I have enough trouble remembering where the tilde is when it's right in front of me, how on earth am I to put it back in the right place? Or is there a number underneath? I don't dare try it out, at least not until I've invented a device for removing key tops lodged in ventilation grates/furniture/cats.
pottedstu, Sep 19 2001

       I need one. I also am reluctant to pop out the keys off the keyboard. I *always* eat at my desk. There is nowhere else to eat, unless I suddenly developed a tolerance to students, academics, and large numbers of people in general. Coffee on the keybaord I have so far avoided...

UB I must take issue with your adverb. //Alternately// dear oh dear. This would mean that pottedstu eats at a table every second meal, but remains keyboard crumb-dropping at other times. Did you mean 'alternatively'?
lewisgirl, Sep 19 2001

       Why would you need to bother with tweezzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......nevermind
shaggysin, Sep 19 2001


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