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Client 'Website' Twister

Use twister to demostrate website navigation
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As a web site designer, I have noticed a disturbing new type of client. This client has embraced internet browser technology so completely that they believe that HTML hyperlinks can, and should, link between every page. The inevitably produces a site map somewhat akin to a neural network.

In order to prevent this behaviour, I recommend that you get your client to play a game of "website twister".

To achieve this, simply get your graphic designer to produce a large site map of the web, with related pages circled in primary colours, i.e yellow,red,green etc. Next, treat your client to a large pre-meeting lunch, together with an ample supply of beer or wine.

Now, simply advise your client to stand on the 'website' and demonstrate (using the least number of limbs) the website navigation that he desires. I believe that a guy who is prepared to split the trousers of his Armani suit in order to get a function - must really want that function...

riposte, Dec 13 2001

Client not always right http://www.derailer...tquotes.php?qid=226
(click "next" or "random" for more entertaining posts) [rmutt, Dec 15 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       ever heard the phrase 'the customer is always right'? I know that's a little trite but, to be fair, you are in a service industry and if your client thinks it's necessary, well then it is. Why don't you illustrate it by twister yourself - show him that what he wants will be very difficult to execute but that you are prepared to bend over backwards for him.
lewisgirl, Dec 13 2001

       Hierarchical web-site constructions with their implicit ordering, their focus on descent and patrilineage, and ranking of importance only go to reinforce the hegemony of patriarchal society. A feminized multiply-connected model of user interfacing mirroring the inter-level connection of female interaction offers an alternative paradigm for a non-phallocentric web environment.
pottedstu, Dec 13 2001

       A nice follow-on would be business component lucky dip - ;-).
riposte, Dec 13 2001

       pottedstu: Hmm.. interesting.
arora, Dec 13 2001

       Lewisgirl: In computers and tech support, the customer is not always, or even usually, right. If they knew what they were doing, they'd do it themselves. They've hired experts to do it for them, therefore it behooves them to pay attention to the experts.   

       A site that links every page to every other page is fine, if you've only got two or three pages. <Like mine. Plug!> If you've got thousands of pages, as some large commercial sites do, it's going to take forever just to load the links, let alone the content, and there's really no reason to link everything to everything. Think of a library where all the books are piled on shelves randomly because anyone looking at anything might want something else.   

       Pottedstu: But your described web would then go down every three weeks for a week and crash your computer if you tried to connect to it...and all disappear at random moments, to be found at 'bathroom.com'...
StarChaser, Dec 13 2001

       Ooh, a subject I (should) know lots on seeing as I've just finished re-designing a website for one of my modules.   

       The theory behind a good design is "The 3-Click Rule". In other words, a user should be able to reach every page on the site from whatever page they are currently on by clicking on 3 or less links.   

       The easiest way to do this is to have a page devoted to being a site map that has links to every page and sub-page or anchor within a page. The site map would then be linked to from every page in the site, thus doing away with huge amounts of unnecessary links on every other page.   

       I only went to 3 lectures for this module though, so what do I know? I followed the 3 lecture rule. If, after 3 lectures, the lecturer has not stopped being the most boring person in the history of the University, don't go unless you have to, you won't learn anything anyway.   

       [StarChaser]: The site would also continually pop-up questions to you on the lines of "Does my text look fat in this browser? Yes/No" the answer to which will always end in an argument or a sulk no matter what option you choose.
CoolerKing, Dec 13 2001

       "Have you been visiting other sites? Don't lie to me, I can check your cache!"
phoenix, Dec 14 2001

       . . . . and depending on what I find there, I can take your cash.
bristolz, Dec 14 2001

       random: I've sometimes seen the "bread crumbs" referred to as "depth gauges."
bristolz, Dec 14 2001

       [coolerking] let me explain the '3-click' rule. If the client suggests navigation that involves more than 3 mouse clicks then they will be rapped hard across the knuckles with a ruler.   

       If they suggest something over 5 clicks - use the ruler side on...
riposte, Dec 19 2001

       You could simply pull the Web Fairy out of your Wahzoo, and save yourself the effort - nice link rmutt
thumbwax, Dec 20 2001


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