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brush combo

Toothbrush with a tongue cleaner on the other end
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Every one uses a toothbrush in the morning and a toungue cleaner but has to use two different things. If the two can be combines and toothbrush cum toungue cleaner at the back be developed, it will work fantastically in the market
goeasyagain, Nov 03 2003

Colgate 360 http://www.colgate....US/EN/HomePage.cvsp
Apologies for the obnoxious Flash on the site. [dbmag9, Nov 17 2007]


       "...toothbrush cum toungue cleaner..."
I think you could have phrased that better.
phoenix, Nov 03 2003

       it might be better to have the combo at the same end. do both jobs at the same time. I thought eating was the best way to clean your tongue. yuk.   

       tongue cleaning chocolate mmm
po, Nov 03 2003

       //I really liked that brush.// ok you are among friends, spill the beans. how much did you like that brush?
po, Nov 03 2003

       I was unaware that everyone uses a tongue cleaner, but in any case what you propose is now available. See linky.
dbmag9, Nov 17 2007


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