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deodorant pistols

"stick 'em up"
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This is a fun, packaging idea. It has nothing to do with violence, but you will have trouble in airports. Similar to a child’s water pistol toy, the pistol will be re-loadable with liquid for a spray deodorant. This is very ecological, as one can purchase a gallon of deodorant and still only have to dispose of one container. The pistols can be made in bright colored plastic or made to look like a real gun for those who wish to leave them lying around the bathroom or on the top of your dresser for conversation’s sake.

Coming next: The cell phone gun, so it looks like your shooting your own brains out.

xandram, Jun 25 2007

iGiveUp http://www.instruct...our-iPhone-iGiveUp/
Gun shaped Bluetooth handset [mitxela, Jan 16 2009]


       Great fun for the kids, too -   

       "Mom! Johnny shot me in the eye with your deodorant!"
nuclear hobo, Jun 25 2007

       Oh yes, we make an eyewash gun for that.
xandram, Jun 25 2007

       Next up, the shotgun mouth freshener.
skinflaps, Jun 25 2007

       Bun for the last line.
wagster, Jun 25 2007

       Perhaps also a clandestine way to deodorize anothers' rancid regions. Bravo!!!
Grumbleshark, Jun 25 2007

       I cant wait for the Bidet Bazooka!
S-note, Jun 25 2007

       Oh thanks to all of you, I was about to move this to the *weapon* category for the *fight against body odor*.
btw--love all of the above ideas, too!
xandram, Jun 25 2007

       Just think about all the potential applications - douche, earwash, dental (a water pic), sunscreen, makeup (a la Bladerunner) - the list goes on and on.
nuclear hobo, Jun 25 2007

       i want a cellphone gun!
abhorsen1983, Jun 25 2007

       Did you think this through, Xandram? No, you didn't. Just mime the action of shooting yourself in the armpit, and you'll see that the angles are all wrong - it's awkward and uncomfortable.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 25 2007

       "Stick 'em up!"   

       *phht, phht, phht*   

       "Okay, put 'em down again."   

       It makes personal hygiene interactive. And don't forget madcap hijinks potential in trying to defend home and hearth with one!   

       "All right, you! Hold it right there!" "I'm not scared of your deodorant, jerk!" "You sure? It's lavender!" "I break out in a big gross rash from lavender! I'm going, I'm going!"
elhigh, Jun 26 2007

       [Maxwell] You can have someone else *shoot* you...but you are right, another poorly thought out, halfbaked invention...
xandram, Jun 26 2007

       //You can have someone else *shoot* you.// Aha - hadn't thought of that. Fair point.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 26 2007

       it would certainly be easier to promote in a supermarket than normal deodorant.   

       Replace a good looking girl saying "Excuse me sir, would you like to try our new Puma deodorant?"   

       with a stocking-headed guy shouting "Stick 'em up stinky"
marklar, Jun 26 2007

       //You can have someone else *shoot* you...but you are right, another poorly thought out, halfbaked invention..//   

       Let's not give up yet. You're shooting a spray, right? Basically an aerosoled liquid? Why not have a curved barrel on your gun? Flexible is out because I'd have to use two hands to hold the gun and the barrel in place, but some kind of rigid curve should work, just make it capable of twisting 180 degrees to be ambidextrous and ambipiterous.
Noexit, Jun 26 2007

       There I was, wearing naught but a towel, when the S.W.A.T. team broke down the door and pinned me to the floor. Seems the nosey peeping neighbor saw me putting on deodorant and called the police. Can you imagine? The bedroom door broken, me in a wet towel with four policemen on top of me ...
nuclear hobo, Jun 26 2007

       You guys make me laugh so hard!
Good adaptation [Noexit]--but I was being a bit sacastic there.
xandram, Jun 26 2007

       brilliant [+]
lilsis, Jun 27 2007

       "What is that, musk?"
"Nope. Musket."

       Autorisé pour capturer.
Autorisé pour séduire.
Autorisé pour tuer...
L'Eau du Bond, c'est un parfum extraordinaire!
zen_tom, Jan 15 2009

       I love the cellphone gun, and other jokey cell phones could be invented too: "Massive head wound covered in bandages", "Siamese twin head", etc.
phundug, Jan 15 2009

       [+]. There's a few people around this dorm I'd like to forcibly deodorize.
Spacecoyote, Jan 15 2009

       Hobby horse deodorant? 10 minute ride and your fresh as a daisy!
ricchris, Jan 16 2009

       The cell phone gun idea is baked, I've seen someone who had a gun shaped bluetooth handset. You held the barrel to your head and spoke into the handle, and the trigger was to answer a call.   

       I just googled it, it's actually an instructable.
mitxela, Jan 16 2009

       I work in a bar, and assumed that this would be a tactical anti-odor weapon to use against random, smelly people on the dance floor.   

       This would be perfect, especially with a laser sight and a spray distance of maybe about 10 feet, so to avoid confrontation and any embarrassment for the patron - if you're subtle enough.
Club Ed, Jan 16 2009

       why not make it a BO-seeking missile ?
FlyingToaster, Jan 16 2009


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