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Cruise Nukes

Floating City, Without The Diesel Engines
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The ever more popular cruise industry builds bigger and bigger ships.

In these days of rising fuel costs and pollution concerns, it's time to consider fitting them out with nuclear power.

Perhaps they can start by retrofitting one of the mothballed aircraft carriers.

Security is a concern, of course, but the fuel cost savings should be sufficient to hire a security detail to secure the reactor.

theircompetitor, May 11 2005

Other people talking about this subject. http://www.travelse..._topic&f=2&t=002277
[half, May 11 2005]

Page about commercial nuclear ships http://www.atomicengines.com/ships.html
Link found in [half]'s link [Worldgineer, May 11 2005]

Queen of the North sinking article http://www.canada.c...3686400c306&k=70732
The ferry that made headlines recently when it sank off the B.C. coast. [croissantz, Mar 24 2007]


       How are nuclear-powered ships a new idea?   

       Just how would you market it, anyway - "Ah, yes, we have nucler engines, but just think - all that radiation kills the Legionnaire's Disease!"
DrCurry, May 11 2005

       Marginal newness, perhaps, but their excessive energy demands surely call for an examination.   

       A marketing challenge, to be sure.
theircompetitor, May 11 2005

       Just let them drift for a real `adventure cruise`.
goatfaceKilla, May 11 2005

       I like this idea quite a bit. Cruise ships are terrible polluters, and if designed well these can be very clean and safe. Market how clean they are (no diesel fumes) and how quiet.
Worldgineer, May 11 2005

       I believe this has incredible marketing potential. Everbody wants to be on a nuclear cruise, just to say they did.   

       My parents went on a nuclear cruise and all I got was this lousy deformation.
zeno, May 11 2005

       cool link, half
theircompetitor, May 11 2005

       hate something change something.
SpocksEyebrow, May 11 2005

       Anyone up for a radioactive 'Exxon Valdeez'? It's clean, safe, and effiecient, but ferries aren't the safest method of transportation (see link).
croissantz, Mar 24 2007

       When I started reading this, I thought it was going to be a plan to use cruise ships to carry nuclear launch systems. This would actually work rather well - the military could rent a half-a-deck on the ship and everyone is happy.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 24 2007


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