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Small, pink and chewy much like normal gum. Racy advertising and sold in the 'edible genital' section of the supermarket or 7-11 with vagina-jam and old man's knobs.
benfrost, Jun 12 2001

(???) BonBon Candy http://www.bonbon.d..._ProductGroup=Poser
(Be sure to click "View Products"). The product names curiously aren't translated, but they include "Blonde Brains", "shag" (as in "a good..."), Dog Farts (no, really!), Earwax etc. [Hambone, Apr 29 2002]


       Your supermarket has an 'edible genital' section?
angel, Jun 12 2001

       I worked in porno book/video store once, and I bet this would sell - I used to come up with ideas for sex toys, etc., all the time, they still pop into my head occasionally - it's like a disease - most do not bear public hearing, even in here. Trust me, you don't want to know.
whatzabuzz, Jun 12 2001

       I hate wrestling with packaging.
Plus, it would stop my gob, kinda lika fishbone.
reensure, Jun 12 2001

       Rods Tiger: !! Meanwhile, your girlfriend is getting impatient, making sarcastic snorting noises, tapping her fingers, etc.
Dog Ed, Jun 12 2001

       Aren't these called ChickClitz?
phoenix, Jun 12 2001

thumbwax, Jun 12 2001

       Frosted Pop Tarts will never be the same.
thumbwax, Jun 13 2001

       What's a clit anyway?
Redbrickterrace, Jul 11 2001

       It's a mythological beast, Redbrick. Many men have searched for it, few have succeeded
Lemon, Jul 11 2001

       A bit like those "erogenous zones", hard for us guys to find. I'll check in my atlas, I think they are near the equator.
DaveSt, Sep 08 2001

       I found one once.. it was in this seedy little bar in New Orleans. I think a gum that reminded me of that night would be good, since so far I'm a complete blank on how I wound up on the Mall lawn, in only tube socks and an innertube. Although, I don't think that us easily suggestible guys really need to equate "chewing" with this particular item, as some girls might find that a bit painful, and retaliate in unspeakable ways....
Garou, Jan 04 2002


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