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Clockwork Orange-The Game

Can Alex get his gang back together before its too late?
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In this first person game you are Alex Delarge, from the movie Clockwork Orange by Kubrick, this time five years after the events of the movie. This time you are back with your parents, and trying to get a new gang together for some 'fun'.

Dressed in your white jump suit, false eyelashes, and boots, you and three new droogs-Doug, Frog, and Joesph, search the night for victims to rob, and stores to break into.

Along the way you encounter other gangs-each with their own skills. Earn points by defeating them. Also on your tail is a policeman who wants to put you back in prison for good. Also some doctors want to give the luvico method, where you watch films of violence while tied up and drugged to made good, another try.

Get through all the levels and become the new king of Londons gangs.

Dogcat, Mar 22 2008



       No, wait...equally dumb.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 22 2008

       That would be 'the book "A Clockwork Orange" by Anthony Burgess' yes?   

       This is actually crying out for a violent game reconstruction - complete with Kubrik visuals. It really goes with today's crop of ultraviolent games so the idea makes commercial sense. However I won't bun it because I think games programmers should think for themselves rather than hitching a ride on someone else's genius.   

       Half-Life anyone?
wagster, Mar 22 2008

       it's (punctuation) + London's. Can I get paid for this work? - tiresome.
xenzag, Mar 23 2008

       I actually stated writing an idea that said: turn x into a computer game. It was a rant so I didn't post after all and settled for this annotation.   

       Could everyone please not post turn-x-into-a- computer-game type ideas?   

       Unless ofcourse you manage to give it a good halfbakery twist. Which this idea doesn't. so -.
zeno, Mar 23 2008

       dIrtbaisbtiacg. Dude I read this book an it should be turned into a computer game. But you just saw the movie didn't you?
zeno, Mar 23 2008

       Come on, Halfbakery, don't you know anything about the internet? YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO FEED THE TROLL!!!
Joolin, Nov 07 2009


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