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Hughes:The Game

A simulation RPG based on the last years of Howard Hughes
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This simulation is based on the last few years of billionare Howard Hughes. In this game the player is Hughes himself, drugged and kept in a dark room by shadowy figures out to get his money. Only one man can be trusted; the question is:which one? The game play offers the player menus so he can make deals and buy Vegas hotels, land, and other property, while trying to figure out why he was drugged and which person he can trust. Every few turns he is drugged by a shadowy man. This weakens the player a bit more; if not figured out in time, Hughes will never be able to get out of bed or make a call, thus losing his mind and later, his life. Along the way famous figures from the sixites, like Frank Sinatra visit the room and offer clues as to what is going on. Hughes can also make two phone calls every five turns, to find out information. If Hughes (the player) does find out, he busts out of the room with the help of the one true friend, where they find a plane out the North Las Vegas Airport and fly away to find out why this happened in the first place.
Dogcat, Mar 20 2008


       Um, was there one man he could trust? And btw, we all know what happened to Hughes: he was a paranoid schizophrenic.
DrCurry, Mar 20 2008

       Pete Bondurant?   

       Spin this out as real-time OCD simulation game, whereby you win by reinforcing the behaviours. Also, have James Ellroy write it.
calum, Mar 20 2008


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