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Dirty RPG

I think a lot of us want this, have seen something like it, but haven't seen it done well yet
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A friend and I tossed this idea around a long time ago. Why hasn't someone made a believable [sp] RPG with a realistic tangible sexual element. And I don't mean it comes with "toys". I mean that some scenes could be very sexually graphic.

And how about a good RPG that's specifically based on sex, or relies on sex for some portions of plot development? Movies can do it (and how!), so why haven't they done it in games?

Up until today, I can think of only one RPG-style game that really incorporates sex handily, and that is GTA3. It isn't significant there, and (though I haven't played the game) I believe it also isn't an element that is neccessary to complete the game.

I think it would be great to be able to have your character go over to his/her lover's house and get it on, or to have such-and-such sorceress promise the delights of the flesh upon completion of a quest. Or maybe indulging in the delights of the flesh is one of the quests (though you have to do it with some sort of magical creature to gain a special magical ability or skill.)

Entire portions of the game could be devoted to the psychology of the characters you might have to "seduce", making the game all that much more challenging, because each time you play the game, the variables may be different, and therefore requiring you to peform or act differently in order to proceed.

The games could also have a darker tone, addressing issues like (and I'll take this out, if it offends anyone) rape... of course it would address them in a manner that describes them as wrong, and that you have to do something about it.

pemrichm, Sep 24 2003

Leisure Suit Larry http://www.if-legen...ine,_Inc/Larry.html
[Amos Kito, Oct 04 2004]

'Henti' computer games http://www.somethingawful.com/hentai/
Game reviews from "Something Awful". [Laughs Last, Oct 04 2004]

Jmate Hentai games reviews http://www.jmate.com/reviews.php?type=1
hentai reviews [Keeper of the Blue Flame, Oct 04 2004]

Divoce an Idea http://www.halfbake...Divorce_20an_20Idea
[etherman, Oct 04 2004]


       //I can think of only one RPG-style game that really incorporates sex handily, and that is GTA3. It isn't significant there, and (though I haven't played the game) I believe it also isn't an element that is neccessary to complete the game./ /   

       You need your health to complete the game and some how they tie in sex with a hooker to health. Oddly enough as your health increases your money decreases (I guess much like a doctor, only this is much cheaper.) Actually, it's free. What you are supposed to do is back over her with your car and take your money back. Do you prefer something more graphic than that? :)
sartep, Sep 24 2003

       Sierra Games had a series called "Leisure Suit Larry" [link]. They were adventure games (not RPGs), and you could just solve the puzzles, or get about as raunchy as you like. The game adjusted to match your style.
Amos Kito, Sep 24 2003

       It would be hard to play with one hand I imagine.
Gulherme, Sep 24 2003

       I can't find my joy-stick. it was here when I last looked.
po, Sep 24 2003

       Widely baked, you're not looking hard enough.   

       There's a whole subsection of japanese "dating games" that are exactly this (see laughs last's link), as well as various fan-written supplementary rules to rpg systems such as D&D.   

       Or, better still, you could go get a girlfriend. Or maybe that's the problem?
yamahito, Sep 24 2003

       You are inside a hairy vagina. It is dark in here. You might be eaten by a grue.
phundug, Sep 24 2003

       So... should I just delete it or keep it around for laughs?
pemrichm, Oct 05 2003

       Not a computer game but a small, commercially published RPG, 'Heroes' incorporated sex and depravity in a wholehearted fashion. In fact, it was extremely difficult *not* to end up as a prostitute.
DrBob, Jul 06 2004

       delete it. and let us never speak of it again. or if i had my way you could divorce it. <link>
etherman, Jul 06 2004

       After playing the game Knights of Xentar. I`ve seen it`s not even a brainer to put in some x-rated concept into a game. just put up a plot, a hillarious, senseless story, some chicks you meet along the way, and a few horny japanese/chinese artists to draw them. all done.   

       too bad it took ages untill a new title arrived in that genre. Knights of Xentar was really a million laughs. as well as some nice eyecandy. even for a game of the DOS-age.   

       The newest rpg hentai title is Brave Soul. (I put up a link to the review site.) It`s not really a challenging RPG, but it keeps ya busy. The whole xrated thing affects the story only at one point; the hero can either end with, or without a chick. And don`t even think about more, when you`ve been to bed with one, you`re stuck with her. the game`s even got moral :P
Keeper of the Blue Flame, Jul 06 2004


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