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Cloth Staples

Staples made of cloth to make mending clothes easier
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For anyone who cowers at the sight of a sewing machine, or simply loves stapling, a cloth stapler is the convenient way to bodge together tears in clothing or upholstery without the need for learning complicated stitching and eliminate needle threading anguish.

The stapler would be essentially a tiny manual sewing machine feeding one stitch at a time, or if required staples may be stiff at first like real staples to ensure proper penetration, and gradually soften with use.

TheBamforth, May 26 2019

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OE0zsmWEXzI Like this? [xenzag, May 26 2019]


       I quite like the idea of stiff staples that soften later - perhaps only in water? But how do you stop the soft staple from pulling out?
MaxwellBuchanan, May 26 2019

       See link
xenzag, May 26 2019

       Can that "handheld sewing machine" be opened up like most staplers, to fasten straight into something whose other side is inaccessible?
notexactly, May 27 2019

       Why use mechanics when today we have computerized robotics?
pashute, May 27 2019

       ^ Funny.   

       Cloth with a fray, is difficult to repair without weaving or knotting as in sewing. Staples can clamp but there goes the softness.
wjt, May 27 2019

       Well spotted Xenzag!
TheBamforth, May 27 2019

       [TheBamforth], Not as quick as your, yet to be fully evoked, flexible staples( those sewing tools can be temperamental). The solution awaits somewhere.
wjt, May 28 2019


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