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No more Noisy Nights for Neighbours
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After living in close proximity to clubs and bars in Sydney over the silly season, i think i've come up with an idea to stop banging beats filtering their way into my bedroom while i'm trying to sleep (and also stop the unfair closure of clubs due to residents complaining to councils about *noise polution*)

I give you Club-Phones. They work much the same way as normal head phones. As you walk into the club you would pay the usual cover charge and receive your set of club-phones at the door. With out the club-phones you wouldn't be able to hear any music as all the music would be played through the CP's (club-phones). So as you walk into the room of choice you would see your normal light show / lasers what have you and a bunch of people all listening to the same music, all dancing but in a quiet room. If the club had different rooms then the CP's would change their frequency to what ever the DJ was playing in that room.

The CP's would only be able to work in the club that provides them to prevent any stealing of the units and would be handed back at the end of a clubbers evening so the CP's could be re-charged.

This way the only noise neighbours would hear would be the usual neighbourhood noises and would also be able to stop the horrible ringing in the ears after a big session of clubbing as there would be a volume control on each of the units

gorjabuble, Jan 07 2005

Restaurant 4'33 Restaurant_204_2733
The most hotly contested restaurant in town. [contracts, Jan 07 2005]

Baked. http://www.boingboi..._rave_with_wir.html
Silent raves [Fishrat, Jul 15 2005]

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(From Desidiosus.) [jutta, May 02 2007]


       Not just neighbors - - people who wanted to be in a club atmosphere but also have the capability to speak with friends. [+]
contracts, Jan 07 2005

       Nice, and welcome.
FarmerJohn, Jan 07 2005

       How does this stop the manager from locking the emergency doors when the club is over-packed?
mensmaximus, Jan 07 2005

       It would be very strange to see a room full of dancing people... and no sound except shuffling feet. Some low volume background music to stop everyone looking silly?
Don't forget that some of the fun is actually feeling the beat with your body - so could you add a body bass for the full Monty.
Ling, Jan 07 2005

       If the club's rated occupancy was 400 people and there were 400 headphones, people might not clamor to get into the club with no music.
supercat, Jan 07 2005

       [Ling], I think you're right on target. Playing the same music as is piped over the headphones, but at a much lower level, would allow people to know what's going on (musically). This place will be right next door to [link].
contracts, Jan 07 2005

       <obligatory>I envisioned a cell phone built into a heavy, blunt object.</o> That said, nice live-and-let-live solution, so +.
Etymon, Jan 07 2005

       [Ling], I'm sure we don't go to the same kind of club but a flexible pvc subwoofer/resonant air cavity, attached to the back of the dancer, will give you a good back beat.
mensmaximus, Jan 07 2005

       I love this idea [gorj], but sadly it's baked. Originally an arts project, the idea was taken to extremes at this year's Glastonbury festival where 3000 people all danced with headphones. They tend to be called "silent raves" (see linky).   

       I think this would more interesting to watch rather than to participate in.
Fishrat, Jul 15 2005

       So, not three slices of bread wrapped around a couple of mayo-ed mobiles then?
coprocephalous, Jul 15 2005

       Thanx [fishrat], checked out the link but am wondering at what Glastonbury festival this was part of? Do you have a date on the festival? Was it this years? Was it not a wash out this year?
gorjabuble, Jul 15 2005

       I was sceptical whether this would work. I still don't know if it does, but I'm heartened that someone has tried it. I would love to go to, dance at and just watch a silent rave.
wagster, Jul 15 2005

       [marked-for-deletion] baked and commericalized by Sony for their MiniDisc TV commercials. Google "Athens Beach".
Acme, Jul 15 2005

       hey [gorjabuble] where in Sydney are you ?
neilp, Jul 17 2005

       Live in between the Eastern Suburbs and the CBD [neilp] why do you ask?
gorjabuble, Jul 17 2005

       just updating my 'chance of randomly bumping in to a fellow halfbaker' spreadsheet.. I'm in surry hills.
neilp, Jul 17 2005

       I would say it would be in the 'high' to 'very high' column. I work on the Surry Hills and Darlinghurst border
gorjabuble, Jul 17 2005

       I'll watch out for you.. there can't be many people working on that border.
neilp, Jul 17 2005

       No, no. No hedge, no wall. I 'work' in a little office where on one side of the street is one suburb and on the other is the other suburb. ['work' = play on internet most of the day]
gorjabuble, Jul 17 2005

       Honestly, I think I would go to this place just to sit with my headphones off, and gawk in amusement at the crowded room of people dancing in silence.
JuJuHound, Jul 17 2005

       Tried to do an 'Athens Beach' search [acme] but couldn't find anything
gorjabuble, Jul 18 2005

       [In any case, "baked" is not grounds for deletion, and the commercial obviously wasn't known to the poster - hence I'm ignoring the marked-for-deletion tag.]
jutta, Jun 08 2007


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