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coil gun canon

Oh god! Its raining metal projectiles!! Hey wait, thats kinda pretty.
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2 coil guns setup at 45 degree angles on stationary pedestals a good distance apart. In the center of the line of fire a marimba like tone generator (made of iron to withstand the projectiles) is placed. It is tuned diatonically from left to right. The idea is for a composition written rhythmically as a canon for the two coil guns. The composer must also denote the power said guns will use to launch said projectile to achieve different notes.

I think it would work best in a large gymnasium type place, to minimize wind resistance. This would also allow the lights to be shut off and the room to be lit with blacklights so the fluorescent painted projectiles paths can be seen.

It would be really interesting to both try and compose and to watch since projectiles fired with a smaller velocity will impact the marimba-like thing sooner that a higher velocity shot fired before it. Also, since it is a canon, shots fired from the left will result in different notes than shots fire from the right with the same initial velocity.

bleh, Mar 14 2007

a canon http://en.wikipedia...i/Canon_%28music%29
not cannon, canon [bleh, Mar 16 2007]

coil guns http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coil_gun
[bleh, Mar 16 2007]


       //projectiles fired with a smaller velocity will impact the marimba-like thing sooner that a higher velocity shot fired before it.//   

       So, something going SLOWER and fired LAST will hit the target SOONER than something going FAST that was fired FIRST?   

       Am I the only one that this doesn't make sense to?
emjay, Mar 15 2007

       Pretty much [MJ]. Slower projectiles travel much less distance.
methinksnot, Mar 15 2007

       [MJ]-- slower projectiles also don't travel nearly as high.   

       heres an experiment for you.   

       take 2 tennis balls. throw one as hard as you can straight up and then immediately toss one over your shoulder with little force. which one will hit the ground first?
bleh, Mar 15 2007

       Here's one for you. If you take two tennis balls and throw one into the forest. If no one sees you throw it or hears you throw it, then how do you know if you really////RHUBARB////
the dog's breakfast, Mar 15 2007

       here's the physics   


       the equations are   

       position= P(x,y)=v(x)t+v(y)t-.5a(y)t^2   

       which can be broken into x and y equations   



       since the aforementioned cannons are at 45deg angles with the horizontal, v (x)=v(y)   

       say a projectile is fired with a y velocity of 1m/s   

       we can solve for when y=0 for when the projectile hits the ground and find the time by the equation V(y)=Vo(y)-gt , where V(y) is the final velocity of zero when it hits the ground, Vo(y) is the initial velocity (1m/s), g is acceleration due to gravity (9.8m/s^2) and t is time (in seconds)   

       so t=1/9.8=.10s   

       if the same projectile is fired at .5 m/s it will hit at   

       t=.5\9.8 or .051s   

       I haven't taken kinematics in a while so please correct me if I'm dumb.
bleh, Mar 15 2007

       Very clever:
1. Cannon = Bang!
2. Canon = (Type of stringed) Musical instrument.
3. Canon = Musical style.

       I imagined, at first, that the notes would be hanging vertically above each other, so that after striking the metal plates, the projectiles would fall to the ground. When the plates are horizontal on the ground, the projectiles may bounce onto neighboring plates. I suppose they could be angled so that the projectiles bounce to one side.
Ling, Mar 16 2007

       Yeah sorry bleh. Did not realise what you were discribing was like a xylophone on the ground between your two cannons. Was also imagining something more spectacular and ariel.
the dog's breakfast, Mar 16 2007

       I considered that, but then you wouldn't get different notes from each gun. It would be a true canon. My vision is a canon only in the rhythmic and power sense in that each gun fires projectiles with the same power in the same rhythm but one is a bar or two behind. I was thinking of angling the bar on the xylophone type thing to avoid bounces but i guess i forgot to type it in the idea. thanks <ling> .
bleh, Mar 16 2007


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