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Clubs for teens

Let them rebel and still be helped
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Near high schools: a club with really weak security (such as an unattended back entry) and steriotypical "cool" type bartenders; they don't serve alcohol but have an environment that lets teenagers feel like they're getting away with something. The bartenders will be experienced counsellors, but never admit that any type of establishment, school, or parent wants them there. The parents can rest in peace knowing that someone is there to listen to and advise the teenagers.

edit: parents can stage protests occasionally, schools can threaten severe consequences for those caught in attendance (with specifics on where the forbidden club can be found), and the "club" can throw out one or two every night for appearences. And make sure the back entrance is really discrete.

Voice, Aug 30 2006

clubs http://en.wikipedia...i/Club_%28weapon%29
a comprehensive list [xenzag, Aug 30 2006]

Hetzroni's Zoola https://www.youtube...watch?v=CGXwjLgXmhM
Exactly that. In Jerusalem [pashute, Apr 30 2018]


       Won't they be, like, hip to your jive?
spidermother, Aug 30 2006

       Not a lot different from Arnold's diner in "Happy Days" or the Peach Pit in "Beverly Hills 90210", if you drop the pretense of bouncers and bartenders. Teen-oriented dance clubs and coffee houses used to be quite popular in most major cities until the litigation associated with neighborhood disturbances, assaults, and drug busts made the cost of doing business too steep.
jurist, Aug 30 2006

       This is known, round these parts, as "The Unders" - when clubs throw open their doors late on Saturday afternoons and let in the snaking line of sqeaking goths or burberried-up future parolees (depending on the club), only to vomit them back out at about ten, to make way for the grown ups.
calum, Aug 30 2006

       I thought that this was referring to amusement arcades or slightly <ahem> chancy pool halls.
skinflaps, Aug 30 2006

       Will there be non-alcoholic beer and candy cigarettes?
ldischler, Aug 30 2006

       I had prepared a bun to reward the idea of a kosh designed specifically for clubbing teenagers, instead I find this liberalist nonsense about being nice to the filthy soapdodgers.
wagster, Aug 30 2006

       I think we should encourage them to play golf, take up card-games that involve playing using a single suit, or move to the Northern Atlantic reaches of Canada.
zen_tom, Aug 30 2006

       [Voice] were you gulible enough to fall for something like this as a teenager? I certainly wasn't, and my kids certainly weren't.
Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 30 2006

       //we should encourage them to play golf//   

       Quite a few of the darling lemmings did where I lived in Scotland, but that might have something to do with how there were a few golf courses in the locality.   

       //this liberalist nonsense about being nice to the filthy soapdodgers//   

       I share the same charitable veiws towards the little bastards.   

       Hang on...
froglet, Aug 30 2006

       Tis a kindly notion, but.....please replace the word club with cudgel, which is a lovely word. Teenagers should be made to serve time cleaning the insides of gym shoes with their tongues and hair....rant rant rant. Lucily I'm all grown up now and a fully adjusted member of society.
xenzag, Aug 30 2006

       If I were a teen, I'd go. I'd be high as a kite, but I'd go.
daseva, Aug 30 2006

       I think the real problem with teen clubs is lack of alcohol and consequent lack of revenue stream.
bungston, Aug 30 2006

       This club would be paid for by the parents but well-disguised as a place they shouldnt be going to.
Voice, Aug 31 2006

       "So Cindy, how are we going to get home from here?"   

       "Don't worry Jen. you know that creepy guy that hangs out in the back with the car and the candy? Well I hear he's a counsellor in disguise too."   

       I'm sure there are a lot of bugs to work out with this system. A "bartender" that doesn't serve alcohol is a pretty obvious tipoff, and unless there's a makeout room somewhere on the premise I'm not sure what the draw would be.   

       Perhaps you could get some local psychologists to come and act like a biker gang playing pool or darts for free beers or something.   

       I'm thinking that perhaps using bouncers from time to time is not the best solution. More effective would be a scheme whereby a carefully selected child's father slinks in looking nervous, flrts with the waitress (also a trained counsellor) for a few seconds, then notices his child, and hauls him/her out by the ears, and after much barganing manages to keep the whole incident as a mutual secret from mom.
ye_river_xiv, Aug 31 2006


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