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Cockroach removal service

A 24-hours service that will save clients (such as single ladies) the troble of getting rid of cockroaches that appeared in their apartments
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Even in apartments that had been treated against cockroaches, these unwanted guests still appear. If you spray them, you a flailing body in your bathroom or wherever for a few hours, and you have to get rid of it somehow. Such an experience can ruin your whole evening, especially if you're a single lady with sensitive nerves. My suggestion is to have a 24-hours service that will appear within 20 minutes, be given the location ("under the sink") and remove the nuisance from your life. If possible - even this evening, before I have to do it myself.
Gwenanda, Jun 08 2002

Get a lizard http://www.petalia....m?Story_No=371#ct-5
24x7 service. [DrCurry]

lovely little critters (((shudder))) http://www.easyinse....co.uk/cockroaches/ [DrCurry, Jun 08 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

lovely little critters (((shudder))) http://www.easyinsects.co.uk/cockroaches/
[po, Jun 08 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Something seems just well, right, about having this appear in the 'Health: Toothbrush' section.   

       (well, it used to be, anyways...)
RayfordSteele, Jun 08 2002

       so you dump the boyfriend, suddenly you get an infestation of beetles and gum disease - shame! you have totally ruined my evening gwen ;)   

       own up now, you are blissmiss - are you not?
po, Jun 08 2002

       We don't have Cockroaches in Britain. We have black cats that roam the moores. Roger moore in particular...
[ sctld ], Jun 08 2002

       of course we have cockroaches!
po, Jun 08 2002

       Correction accepted, Steele...
Gwenanda, Jun 08 2002

       And no I'm not, Po - just a lady with a problem on her hands.
Gwenanda, Jun 08 2002

       po: Maybe YOU had cockroaches, but its way too cold in the misty misty 'summers' to keep them. Ooh, pets.
[ sctld ], Jun 08 2002

       "911, What's your emergency?"   

       "There's this.... this creepy thing.... it's like a monster..... living underneath my sink..."   

       "Calm down, ma'am. Is there a newspaper handy?"   

       "Uh, no."   

       "Do you own a lizard?"   

       "Are you kidding? I can hardly stand bugs, do you think I'd want a lizard? Please send someone... it's got so many legs... EWWW! It's crawling towards me!!!"   

       "Okay, we'll send someone right over."   

       "Unit 47, we have a 712 in progress at 12345 Baker Street."   

       "This is Unit 47, responding." "Got another roach call, Bob. Get the lizard."
RayfordSteele, Jun 08 2002

       Vacuum cleaner?
phoenix, Jun 09 2002

       Cockroaches? They are full of proteins. Yamyam.
halfmanhalfcookie, Jul 27 2002

       Did someone call? Oh, my mistake...   

       (ps - any relation to the band half man half biscuit?)
yamahito, Jul 27 2002

       re: no, not at all. my very own creation.
halfmanhalfcookie, Aug 03 2002

       Good idea. Everyone try to croissant it.
smokeyjohnson, Aug 17 2002

       What's called for here is a big block of cooking chocolate - call them chocolate crunches??
BilboBoy, Nov 21 2003


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