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Dance of death (spray)

Why does insect extermination have to be dull?
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the death dance spray is a cunning mix of insect amphetamine and nerve gas. It ensures that the last few seconds of creepy crawly's pitiful existence is fleeting moment of fun for our exosceletal friends and a top rib tickler for their backboned warm blooded executors.

Not only does it get rid of nasty pests, it also provides some excellent material for home videos.

pokia, Sep 19 2003


       oh pleeese!no
po, Sep 19 2003

       Most fly sprays I've seen *are* nerve gases.
custardlove, Sep 19 2003

       I guess I don’t understand. Doesn’t it already do this...isn’t this the typical result of spraying a bug with Raid?

The dance of death is a horrible thing, but worse is the flight of fate, which sometimes happens when I’m spraying one of those brown-winged critters crawling around on the ceiling molding. One landed on my back yesterday as I was running away, and I did a dance of some kind. It wasn’t pretty.
pluterday, Sep 19 2003

       //material for home videos//   

       When you use this stuff, and the bug gleefully runs behind the fridge, is the spray working or not? With knock-down spray, one can be confident the bug is dead, not just on an acid trip.
Amos Kito, Sep 19 2003

       Yuckety puckety. Get it done with and flush 'em. None of this dancing about.
k_sra, Sep 19 2003

       Regular bug spray sometimes does this.
DrCurry, Sep 19 2003

       Indeed many bug sprays are nerve agents. Insects share the same set of neurotransmitters with us, so Humans can do this same amusing funky-chicken when hit with nerve gas. I could describe a quite recent use if anyone would enjoy hearing about it. Sorry but I don’t have a movie.
Let’s just put [pokia] into a big bottle with a lot of bed bugs and film that. It is dangerous to get folk’s low emotions roused; never know how it will turn out.
Anyway, [marked–for–deletion] because both nerve gas bug spray and snuff films are baked.
Fussass, Sep 19 2003

       Oh man, my mom just bit my dad's head off.   

       Oh that's too bad...wanna go get sprayed? It'll take your mind off things.   

       Oh, I don't know...   

       C'mon! I'm buying.   

       Well, alright. Let's go.
Overpanic, Sep 21 2003

       Why not execute people by giving them a heroine overdose?
0_owaffleo_0, Sep 22 2003

       Would that be like having to watch too many news clips about Pfc. Jessica Lynch?
FarmerJohn, Sep 22 2003


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