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Ant vacuum

Ants, how I hate them
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A vacuum cleaner to use when your house is infested with ants (as mine is/was.) The specially designed ant nossle sucks the little bastards up off the ground (easy to do as ants usually travel in a line.) They are sucked up a flexible steel tube that is lined with fly paper, those that survive the fly paper tunnel of death face 6 swinging blades and those that make it past that face a painful fiery death. Ofcorse once switched onto reverse the "Ant vacuum" becomes an "ant flamer," you use this secondary function to clean up any remaining stragglers that you missed on your first pass, it also puts all those that have been struggling to free themselves from the fly paper lined tube out of their misery.
Gulherme, Jan 07 2003


       The Hammer 'ant' house of horror.   

       (not fire ants i hope ?)
skinflaps, Jan 07 2003

       No little black pissy ants but a special fireant nossle is available.
Gulherme, Jan 07 2003

       Get an aardvark. Or a hedgehog.
DrCurry, Jan 07 2003

       I built a 1.2kW pooter out of a vacuum cleaner and a pair of tights. You end up with a small ball of ants that you can dispose of according to your Karmic preference.
FloridaManatee, Apr 25 2003

       Not another ant gravity idea...
hippo, Apr 25 2003

       Switched into reverse, you can shoot the ants across the street into your neighbor's yard, or onto his roof. Fun!
phundug, Apr 25 2003

       (sp) Phun!
Worldgineer, Apr 25 2003


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