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Like CheezWhiz, but coffee- (er, caffeine-) flavored
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Aerosol coffee substance that can be sklooshed out of the can onto triscuits or as a frothy nacho topping,etc. It is a dream, but together we can make it happen.
cloudface, Apr 27 2004


       Yick, coffee. But, given the number of coffee addicts around these days, this'd probably sell.
half, Apr 27 2004

waugsqueke, Apr 27 2004

       Give me a minute.. I've got to grind up some NoDoze into the whipped cream...
zigness, Apr 27 2004

       Every time I read this title, I think it must have to do with diuretic effects of coffee.
half, Apr 29 2004

       Yeah, I usually have my coffee whiz around 10:30 AM.
waugsqueke, Apr 29 2004

       When I read the title, I was reminded of the recent MadTV sketch with the guy who drinks so much coffee that his urine test proved to be pure distilled java. Somehow, coffee paste on crackers doesn't sound very appetizing. I'll pass.
Freefall, Apr 29 2004


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