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a little bit of both
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tea leaves and coffee grounds mixed together to make the ultimate hot beverage (maybe).

i am sure that there is some combination of beans and leaves that would make this taste better than flan, but as yet, the perfect mixture has yet to be found. myself and a friend have done some experiments with this, with mixed results.

if this ever came into existence it would beg the question: is it tea flavored coffee or coffee flavored tea?

rhino, Mar 21 2000

Better taste through artificial additives http://www.beverage...2&Product_ID=55
It might be your only way out! <grin> to dontthink [reensure, Mar 21 2000]

Teeccino http://www.teeccino.com/index2.htm
Kind of the opposite idea: an "herbal" coffee / tea substitute. [wiml, Mar 21 2000, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Java chai http://www.oregonch.../info_java_chai.cfm
Tastes like trees. But in a good way. [Tabbyclaw, Jan 27 2005]

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yin_Yong now baked, take that fishboners! [simonj, May 15 2012]


       you might try incorporating coffee into a chai recipe. The spices might help, uh, /mellow/ the blend.
wab, Mar 21 2000

       Wouldn't coffee generally overpower the more subtle tea flavors? Or you can go alla inglese: make the tea as strong as coffee and let them fight it out. What about adding theobromine (found in tea, chocolate) to coffee?
rmutt, Mar 23 2000

       <grin!> Tempest in a teapot...That actually sounds like it might be good...will have to try it sometime...
StarChaser, Mar 23 2000

       You'd have to make them separately and then mix them, as tea needs to be made with boiling water and coffee is best made with water a little cooler than boiling. I also think the oils present in coffee would tend to swamp the more aromatic taste of good tea.   

       I'm not keen on this idea.
hippo, Mar 23 2000

       In Hong Kong, they sell combined coffee/tea bags. A friend and I bought a box, as a sort of souvenir, but never found anyone brave enough to brew the resulting beverage.
Redbird, Apr 25 2000

       We think some people have taken the "suicide" soda idea to a new level. You should all just be happy with what wonderfully adictive, cafinated beverages that are available.
dontthink, Apr 30 2000

       Luddite. <grin>   

       Was an advertisement for 'Water Joe' around here a while back, water with caffeine added...said you can drink it like it is, or make coffee with it...doublecaffeine coffee...Espresso with this stuff would have to be kept in a cage...
StarChaser, May 02 2000

       I'm all for any proposed law banning or restricting caffine. <grimace> I've seen many a poor soul go under from the grip of addiction.
dontthink, May 02 2000

       There was a proposed law a while back to term cigarettes as "nicotine delivery devices" and put them under the regulation of the FDA. The wording of the legislation could have been used to term beverages as "caffeine delivery devices" and regulate them as well.
Eeyore, May 02 2000

       When visiting my best buddy, he used to offer beverages, "tea, coffee, Horlicks, hot chocolate, Milo?" and I used to say "yes please". He threatened to do it - never did, but a few years later, my girlfriend (now my wife) said the same, AND MADE IT. If you get the mix right, its great. We settled on what we still call Miloffee - a mixture of 3 Milo to 1 coffee, add milk and sugar to taste. Aha, half or more of you are going "Milo? What dat be?" Milo is a Nestle product available in Australia, South Africa, etc and notably missing from the "first world" shelves in the USA.
jetckalz, Jun 23 2000

       The Onion ran a story recently about how Mountain Dew was a "gateway beverage" and leads to stronger stuff.   

       My doctor made me eliminate caffeine from my diet due to GERD, and it's been hell. I used to drink a huge amount of iced tea, so I had withdrawl headaches for over a week. I miss having a good-tasting beverage that isn't sweet. I wish restaurants would offer decaf tea.
brouhaha, Jun 23 2000

       Milo is available in my area, and I live in Florida. Just a data point...
tomierna, Jun 23 2000

       Brouhaha, you might want to try South African "bush tea" which has no caffeine in it as the bush it comes from does not produce any caffeine. Tastes great too, our US friends all keep chanting "more, more!" Tomeirna, correction accepted! We have discovered that Fiesta stores in Texas do stock Milo, imported from Jamaica. Tastes a little different, but close enough. Thanks for the heads-up, made us look again :) :) :)
jetckalz, Jun 24 2000


       I think the Japanese have stolen your idea! A friend of mine came back from a stay in Japan talking about a horrible coffee/green tea combination that they drink over there called "kohiocha" (I'm not sure of the spelling). "Kohi" = coffee, o-cha = green tea. Sounds terrible, but not as terrible as the natto she also warned me about.
echinoguy, Jun 26 2000

       While visiting the Celestial Seasonings factory in Boulder CO, they let you try any kind of tea you want..including some protoype stuff. One of them was a coffee flavored tea..something like Morning Roast Tea (?) (complete with a picture of a charging Buffalo or something similar). It was pretty vile stuff.
blahginger, Jun 28 2000

       Once when I was making some tea in my coffee pot I forgot that I had left some coffee grindes in it. My mom though it might taste good so she tried it but didn't like it.
tenelka3001, Jul 02 2000

       I have actually tried this at home when I was young and foolish. Emphasis on FOOLISH. ;)
arghblah, Dec 01 2000

       Blahginger: That was probably 'Morning Thunder'. My father says it's a good name, the air quality definately suffers after a cup or two of that...   

       And re my previous annotation on Mar 22, I tried chai. Yuk. Too thick, and a strange flavor. Some people might like it, but not me...
StarChaser, Dec 02 2000

       Starbucks would have a field day with that one
seizethefish, Dec 30 2000

       I think that the point of good coffee or good tea is to enjoy the flavors as is. I don't see what a blend here would accomplish.
Vance, Feb 05 2001

       notably a year ago one user jetckalz was talking about Milo, a very popular drink here in Australia, the user said that the drink was not "available on the first world shelves of the USA" I wanted to point out that the very much 1st world Australia would take extreme offense to the implication that Australia is not 1st world and would also like to point out that Milo is an excellent drink the commercialised historically corrupt USA is serverly lacking in the absence of Milo.
joce, Apr 14 2001

       this is a terrible idea! just because they are separately smashing drinks does not mean they will be super-smashing when mixed together. it's like when you get caught out by that old tea-and-toast thing: a perfect combination - but try dunking it and it all goes disgustingly wrong. i know. i've tried.
ciccia, Aug 09 2001

       i like the name though
ciccia, Aug 09 2001

       I agree with ciccia, they are fine seperate, but together they would be awful. Now tuna/ice cream could be an award winning combo, because tuna and ice cream are so very yummy.
mighty_cheese, Sep 27 2001

       That's baked. Watch Iron Chef. They make ice cream out of things no sane person would even consider...
StarChaser, Sep 29 2001

       perhaps a big mug divided into two, so that you could have a sip of coffee from one side and tea from the other (iced tea and hot coffee might be a nice combination)
po, Sep 29 2001

       I love tea, but it tastes foul if you take a sip when think you're holding a mug of coffee. Conversely, coffee tastes like cack if you're expecting the taste of tea. After the initial shock, your tastebuds will adjust to what you are drinking and you'll realise that in fact it's quite nice.   

       But - if you think you're holding a mug of CoffTea and in fact you are, when you take a sip you will notice that it tastes foul, however much you expect it. Once your tastebuds have recovered from the initial shock it will continue to taste like fetid river water. Don't try it.
wagster, Jan 27 2005

       Tea is horrible. Coffee is, likewise, horrible. Two wrongs making a right, CoffTea must be scrumdiddlyumptious.
calum, Jan 28 2005

       There is an ice cream place (gelatto actually) down the street from me that has 181 flavours.   

       There is of course chocolate, vanilla, etc, as well as:   



       Curry (yellow, red or green)   

       pear, blue cheese and gorgonzolla cheese (yummy actually)   

       Someone told me once that coffee/tea mixed together is actually a traditional beverage from some country.... maybe Turkey? As usual... can't remember the specifics or find a link.
Giblet, Jan 29 2005


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