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Coffee Replacement Bars

Caffiene To Go
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Some people ALWAYS wake up and say, "Did you make the coffee?" This idea is to mix caffiene with milk and a little sugar, then cut it into bars and serve in vending machines and supermarkets. Now, they will say "Did you buy my coffee bars?"
croissantz, Jul 18 2004

Rocket Chocolates http://www.ichocola..._Ct__B00016USJQ.htm
Contain 200 mg of caffeine [angel, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Boost with Glucose or Guarana http://www.cadbury....d_stories/boost.htm
[jonthegeologist, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       if all you're going for is a caffeine buzz and portability, chocolate covered espresso beans (even without chocolate the beans are good) are the ticket.   

       ben & jerry's also has a 'coffee coffee buzz buzz buzz' flavor which contains ground coffee beans. it'll give you palpitations.
xclamp, Jul 18 2004

       Chocolate has a high caffeine content - buy a chocolate bar.
DrCurry, Jul 18 2004

       [croissantz] you seem to be talking about chocolate stimulation bars. (well, ok, you didn't mention the chocolate but you did mention the milk and sugar). There are a few of these already. See link for a UK choc stimulation bar called Boost.
jonthegeologist, Jul 18 2004

       Tiramisu bars.
thumbwax, Jul 18 2004

       (LOL) When I saw the name of this idea, I thought it was for Coffee bars that serve Postum.   

       Gimme a postum cappuccino with whipped cream, and a brownie to go.
-wess, Jul 19 2004

       ???????????????????this fuke crap
Hive_Mind, Sep 12 2008

       Firstly, I would like to point out that whoever posted the above was not me. Probably I just left the window open at school or something.   

       Secondly, These are already available in handy pill form. They are referred to as "chocolate coated espresso beans" and are both far more portable and supply the extra power of chocolate.
Hive_Mind, Dec 01 2010

       I love the espresso beans so much. They are addictive. (also, I find the above trespassing troll's usage of 'fuke' hilarious.)
DrWorm, Dec 01 2010

       //Chocolate has a high caffeine content//   

       Call yourself a doc, doc?
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 01 2010

       Could be a Ph.D. or a D. Mus or an LL.D.....   

       Some types of chocolate do indeed contain high levels of caffiene and theobromine.
8th of 7, Dec 02 2010


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