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Decaf Coffee Plant

Turn off the caffeine gene
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This might be baked, but I thought I might throw it out there anyway. Not sure whether it would be more economical or better tasting than conventional decaffeination processes.
discontinuuity, Aug 02 2005

"The researchers managed to reduce the activity of key caffeine-making genes in the coffee species Coffea canephora" http://www.icangard...=4581&categoryid=55
please google be'fo you hit "post" rasb [calum, Aug 02 2005]

General Chemistry Online! How is coffee decaffeinated? http://antoine.fros...nating-coffee.shtml
Extraction Methods and Gene Cloning [baconbrain, Aug 02 2005]


       Never did see the point of decaff. Bone.
coprocephalous, Aug 02 2005

       Good decaf costs more than an equivalent quality regular due to the cost of decaffeination. If the beans could be grown without the caffeine, cheaper good decaf.
devilben, Aug 02 2005

       //Good decaf// oxymoron
coprocephalous, Aug 02 2005

       What it costs and how it tastes are trivial. Tell people it tastes better and uses no chemicals, and charge mass quantities of money for it. They'll buy it.   

       Then figure out another source for the caffeine to put in soft drinks and headache pills.
baconbrain, Aug 03 2005

       Wow. Does anybody know how this could be done? Couldn’t you receive a Plant Patent and claim some Intellectual Property and receive royalties for this idea? –There’s a lot of Decaf Coffee out there.   

       It looks like somebody might of beat you to it - See United States Patent # 6,348,641.
Kcsolutions123, Aug 03 2005

       After an hour of surfing through coffee news and an anti-Starbucks site, I think everyone needs to switch to hot chocolate.
baconbrain, Aug 03 2005

       Or tea. Hot chocolate is a bad band and a bad drink after prolonged exposure.
froglet, Aug 03 2005


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