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Coke Sink

For those times you crave caffine...
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For people, like myself, who get caffine cravings, finally, there's a way to stop the long drives up to the store to buy a pop/coffee. Simply turn a switch on your kitchen faucet, and coke will start coming out. It'll cost extra on your water bill, of course, but, it could sastisfy your craving immediately. Plus, it could make your dishes (after you wash them) taste really good...
friendless-person, Nov 26 2003

Coke on Tap http://news.bbc.co....usiness/1228266.stm
... dreadful idea. [jonthegeologist, Oct 17 2004]

coke as a cleaning product. tomato ketchup is good too. http://www.breakthe...xclusives/coke.html
[po, Oct 17 2004]


       and all this time I thought a coke sink was your nose...
luecke, Nov 26 2003

friendless-person, Nov 26 2003

       I wonder how much just one soda fountain wold cost for home use ...
Letsbuildafort, Nov 26 2003

       baked. old idea am afraid, although it was never implimented
jonthegeologist, Nov 27 2003

       // stop the long drives up to the store to buy a pop/coffee // - by making a cup of coffee. I believe I have heard of inventions which make it possible to do this in your own home!   

       Coke actually washes dishes quite well. When I worked for a company which supplied airlines, I was in the area where the containers of trash from the bar were returned, cleaned, stocked up with fresh cans, lemons etc and sent back out. The accepted practice there was to use the few returned cans of coke as a cleaning fluid for cleansing the metal containers of gunk - I was surprised how effective they were.
dobtabulous, Nov 27 2003

       mmmmmmm... phosphoric acid...
thumbwax, Nov 27 2003

       Oh? I never knew coke could clean things...
friendless-person, Dec 01 2003

       too much caffeine, John.
po, Dec 01 2003

       too much? never ... just right, I've heard ;)
jonthegeologist, Dec 03 2003


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