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Electric Cola

Add a little excitment to your cola drinking habits
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Drinking cola and having a little tickle in the nose isn't good enough for me, but what could I do to enhance my carbonated drinking experiance? Why not attach a little battery to the bottom of the can and when the can is tilted just enough the battery emits it's charge and shocks the drinker. Think how the anticipation would rise with every raised can of half drunk soda. Of course there would have to be safe-gaurds so that the battery doesn't accidently go off. Maybe the battery isn't activated until the can is opened or something.
barnzenen, Feb 21 2002


       When in doubt, everything tastes like chicken. Which leads to the question: what does chicken taste like? However, electricity doesn't quite fit the food category, so maybe it tastes more like having a slice of metalic lemon tickle your tongue, using appropriately low voltages as discussed here. Any more, and it gets too smokey.
jetckalz, Feb 21 2002

       I've tasted it myself Peter. Not my favorite, but it still added a little excitement to my yogurt eating experiance. I was mainly thinking about the antici...

...pation that this drink would cause in the drinker. Everytime you raise your cola you have the posibility of shocking yourself.
barnzenen, Feb 21 2002

       Anyone else here ever drink Vernors? There's no battery, but first timers always get a surprise.
phoenix, Feb 21 2002

       Ah, Vernors - the best mixer for vodka, gin, or rum. I miss it - it's not available around here.
quarterbaker, Feb 21 2002

       I have it shipped in from Michigan (wink, wink). I could arrange for a drop shipment to your neck of the woods, if you like.
phoenix, Feb 21 2002

       Damn. I thought this was going to be 'electric' in the Merry Prankster Kool-Aid sense.
Guy Fox, Feb 21 2002

       I wonder how many calories there are in a jolt.
beauxeault, Feb 21 2002

       I tried to resist the temptation, but I just couldn't sit here when such lovely opportunities have presented themselves.   

       We should really report PeterSealy to the authorities. I mean isn't it immoral to taste anybody's shorts, particularly those of innocent, defenceless, small batteries! Pervert!   

       I think there's about 350 calories in a can of Jolt cola, beauxeault.   

       barnzenen, you shouldn't go around getting colas half drunk. Go full out, or don't go at all.   

       blissmiss with a tazer is kind of like a three-year-old with a hammer, don't you think?   

       Thanks, I feel much better now. But why just cola? Couldn't we market this as an enhancement to any beverage? A little "pick-me-up" for the morning orange juice, perhaps? An eye-opener in the commute coffee? Let's really half-bake this one!
Canuck, Feb 22 2002

       You can give yourself an electric shock ( a bit like Peter's) by simply biting on a piece of aluminium foil. Try it.
goff, Feb 22 2002

       Only if you have fillings.   

       There needs to be dissimiliar metals in contact.
neelandan, Feb 22 2002

       Why do I have the indelible image in my mind of an army of blissmisses with tazers standing behind innocent and unsuspecting people until "zzzap! zzzap!" ? However, because my sense of distance/perspective is a little wonky in my imaginary visions, I can't work out if the blissmisses are eight inches high, or full size. Or which would be more frightening.   

       (Sorry bliss, love you really.)
pottedstu, Feb 22 2002

       I was just thinking cola because it comes in it's own can. That way the bottler could just make the can and solder this little battery pack on it. It would be a one time shock and use the whole battery's charge. Also, it wouldn't be on every can in the six-pack, just most of them. That way, when picking a can you never know if is going to shock you or not, and you don't know on which sip (gulp) it's going to get you on either. I don't really want someone with a tazer standing behind me, I thought tazer would knock you out or incompacitate you or something bad. If it did that then you wouldn't be able to finish your drink.
barnzenen, Feb 22 2002

       Hate to keep bringing this one back up ('specially since you people want to fishbone it) but I just thought of another use for it. In police movies they show the interrogation room as having a bright light on the suspect. The cops are standing around with cool drinks, the suspect is sitting in a pool of his own sweat. The cops start talking about this new drink they have, it really 'energizes' them. They offer it to the suspect, knowing that he will take them up on it after so many hours under the light. The first sip kind of relaxes him, a slight hint of cola with a twist of lemon. A second sip ensures the suspect he isn't being poisoned. A third sip and the suspect has regained some of his composure, enough to think he may get out of this ugly situation with his dignity entact. When he goes to take that fourth sip, almost as soon as his lips touch the can, the cops can see a small blue arc of electricity jump-up and shock the suspect. The suspect now knows that in no way is he going to get out of this situation, so broken and shocked, he tells the cops what they have been waiting to hear - a full confession.
barnzenen, Aug 21 2002

       At first I thought to myself, "why the hell would I want to drink something if I anticipate a shock?" Then I got an idea. If you're trying to kick the cola habit, for dieting or caffeine or other reasons, the chance of a shock might help deter the tendency to reach for the drink.
XSarenkaX, Aug 22 2002

       Electric cola -- Now WHY does this sound like the name of a lip gloss flavor?   

       GUY: Hey, what flavor lip gloss is that? LADY: Electric cola SMOOOOOOOOCH!!!!! GUY: Mmmmmmmm. I like electric cola!
LaSparkster, Jan 26 2003

       I think im gonna go try this one right now. All you need is a coke and a nine volt battery right?
chainy, Jul 19 2003


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